How Conversational Technology Has Changed Ecommerce

Much of the internet is based on communication. Social media, email, forums, comment sections – they’re all based on talking and discussion. 

One area that wasn’t always so conversation-driven is E-commerce. Much of the industry operated on a demand-supply basis. Often, communication within eCommerce was only used by customers if there was a problem with their order.

But in recent years, this has completely changed. The conversation has become a key part of the customer journey, mainly due to the new tech that’s driven it such as Voice Assistants – such as Alexa, and Google Home – and customer service channels such as Live Chat and Chatbots. 

Voice Assistants have become hugely popular – so much so, that by 2025 there’s expected to be more of them than humans! It’s not surprising considering they allow consumers to purchase easily by simply speaking. This in turn has made ecommerce, and SEO for ecommerce sites, much more speech-focused. Optimizing a website for how consumers are asking or speaking about a product is now essential for eCommerce businesses. 

Live Chat and Chatbots have enabled consumers to have direct communication with a company’s customer service team, opening a world of assistance beyond complaints. Asking for product availability or deals, and checking an order status are just a couple of new ways these channels are being used. 

They also help a company to build a friendly and personalised relationship with their customers, increasing their loyalty. For some businesses, it can be the advantage they need over their competitors. It’s been shown that even one response from a Live Chat agent can increase the likelihood of a customer purchasing by 50%.

For more information, stats and trends around Conversational Commerce, see Website Builder Expert’s new infographic below:

Conversational Technology

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