Google Site Kit: A Helpful Best Plugin for WordPress

If you own a business and have even a little bit of online presence then you might already know the importance of a website for your business. Your website is not only the storehouse for your customers and clients, but it also acts as the interface for effective communication between you and the online surfers. So in case if you don’t own a website for your company or business, then there are many WordPress designers to hire that could get things done for you. With WordPress, they will provide you with the best website in the minimum amount of time. 

WordPress has become one of the best website development tools, if not the world’s best one. It has a huge library of templates and layouts that could simply be downloaded and used directly within your website. WordPress has lifted the huge load over a website developer. Now they don’t have to worry about creating a site from scratch, they simply start building with the different tools, templates, components, and plugins that are used in a WordPress site.

However, this comes with a condition of keeping themselves updated with all sorts of WordPress tools and recently Google recently released a stable version of its new WordPress site kit plugin. Well, no need to be afraid as you are going to learn everything that is to be known about this plugin right here right now. Let’s get started

First Of All, What Is Google Site Kit?

Simply defined Google site kit is a WordPress plugin, released by google. With the release of this plugin now you don’t have to worry about linking different google services with your WordPress site. All you have to do is download this plugin and simply get started with the development process. Unlike before where you would have to individually set up links to google analytics, search console, page speed sight, AdSense, etc. Now you can get all these services on your WordPress dashboard. 

How to install Google Site Kit

It’s not that difficult, google site kit is just like another WordPress plugin where can be downloaded from the google website “”. It is free to use a plugin that anyone can download and install just like a simple WordPress plugin. So when you activate this plugin you will get a site kit dashboard that will contain all the services you will need for your website. 

You can follow these simple steps to install Google site kit plugin from within the WordPress-

  • Click on the plugin tab. And from the sub-tab menu click “Add New”.
  • Now in the search menu search for “Site Kit By Google”.
  • An option to install the plugin will appear, simply click it the plugin will get installed. 
  • Now activate the plugin to use it. 
  • At last, connect site kit to your google account. 

Well, if that didn’t work for you then try the manual installation. Follow the given steps- 

  • For manual installation, you would have to upload the whole Google site kit downloaded folder to the WordPress plugin directory or to this directory – “/wp-content/plugins/”.
  • After this visit the plugins option in WordPress. 
  • Activate the site kit plugin from there. 
  • And at last, log in using your Google account. 

Benefits of using google site Kit 

The best thing about this plugin is that now you won’t have to download three or four different plugins to use different Google services.  They can all be accessed just by installing this single plugin to your WordPress site. However, apart from this plugin provide you with the following benefits- 

  • Keep an eye on insights about how people find your website and use it. 
  • It allows you to deploy, manage, and get insight from various different Google services and tools. 
  • Analytics or statistics that can be easily understood by anyone, provided right on your WordPress dashboard. 
  • Multiple google stats tools all organized in a single dashboard. 
  • Allows you easily manage permission for various google activities taking place within the WordPress website. 

Supported Google Tools provided by site kit

  • Search Console – Provides the stats, that give you insights about the search your website appeared on. 
  • Analytics – Provide stats related to user activity on your website. 
  • AdSense – Keep track of your earnings through advertisement. 
  • Page Speed – Compare the loading speed of site with other sites in the real world. Really useful, as it helps you to improve your site quality. 
  • Tag Manager – Like the name it allows you to manage tag, without adding a single code to your site. 

About the Guest Author:

Sunny Chawla is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – best wordpress designers for hire . He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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