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How Much Does A Really Good Telescope Cost?


Whether you need a telescope for professional or fun, you need to get a good telescope. There are a dozen of telescope models from different brands with different prices available in the market. Therefore, you will not hassle getting one. However, price matters. That’s why most people wonder how much they should spend on a good telescope. Let us find out how much money you should spend on a good telescope as well as the features you should check.

How much should I spend on a good telescope?

Different brands provide telescopes. The difference in brands and the features affect the cost of these gadgets. Most brands have very good telescopes. If you are looking for a budget friendly telescope, you need to evaluate the price from different brands. However, the general price range of telescopes is from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars. You can expect telescopes with few features to be cheaper than the models with too many features. 

However, you can still get models with many features at an affordable price. Therefore, choose the telescope depending on the purpose. For example, if you are an individual who wants to use the telescope just for fun, there is no need to invest too much to get it. 

Look for a good one at an affordable price. For professionals, investing in an expensive telescope will be worthwhile. Once you confirm that all the features necessary are present, then that’s a perfect telescope. 

Telescope Price Range And Features Included

The size of the telescope’s aperture will dictate it’s the price. You can expect that a telescope with a large aperture is expensive than a small one. Do you know why the models with a large aperture are expensive? Well, it is because they give higher magnifying capabilities. 

Well, be ready with not less than 100 dollars but not more than 1000 dollars to get yourself a telescope. However, it depends on the kinds you need-telescopes under the price of 100 dollars refractor size from 50-70mm. The magnifying capabilities of such telescopes are very low. They also have low-quality features in general. 

For telescopes from 100 to 400 dollars, the refractor size is over 130mm with a 150+mm Newtonian reflector size. The features of such telescopes are better than the cheapest ones. The models with a price range from 400 to 600 dollars are the average kind. They are better than the first and second price range. 

They are of high quality and have galaxy and planet viewing capabilities. The scopes of these telescope models are computerized and offer incredible magnifying capabilities. I mean, a telescope that you can use to see galaxies is quite a catch. 

For the professionals and experts, the telescopes in the price range from 600 to 1000 dollars are a great option for you. The features of such telescopes are just on another level. They have an aperture size of 250mm, and the lenses are perfect. We can say that these telescopes have the best lenses you can ever find. The scopes are also computerized and have PushTo Intelliscope. These features ensure perfect stability and tracking of objects in the sky. 


With the variety of telescopes with prices in the market, deciding on which one to settle for can be difficult. That’s why we are always here to ensure that you pick the best at a great price. Knowing the purpose and the features that you need from the telescope will help you know the price range. From there, you can choose from a brand that you trust. 

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