Facial Hair Restoration-A Woman’s Guide to Remove Facial Hair

A facial hair transplant can help a woman remove unwanted facial hairs and plant them in the appropriate position. In most cases, the hair would be transplanted on the eyebrow area or the hairline. Besides the transplant, there are other methods of facial hair removal every woman can embrace. This article will guide you to the various ways a woman should handle facial hair removal. 

Shaving of Facial Hair for Women 

Shaving is the standard way of hair removal among men and women. You can use an electric shaver or a disposable shaver. Both machines work through lifting hairs and cutting them at the skin surface. 

This method is effective on women with thick unwanted facial hairs such as beards and sideburns. The method may not be effective on eyebrows and unwanted eyelashes. 

Shaving is a temporary method of hair removal. You will have to reshave every two to three days, depending on your hair growth rate.

You will need soap or shaving cream for the process. The lather or the cream prevents you from developing ingrown hairs that may end up like pimples on your face. Also, the lather helps in making the surface smooth. Thus, it reduces the likelihood of cutting your skin. 


Women generally do not grow extra facial hairs at puberty. But as they grow older, a few women would develop some hairs around the chin. They can use a tweezer to pluck the unwanted hairs from the face.

Tweezing is not a viable option when a woman suffers from a hormonal condition that makes them grow a full beard and mustache. Women also use tweezers to get rid of false eyelashes and odd eyebrows. 

Tweezing is cheap and effective. It helps a woman keep the eyebrows in shape with no added cost. It is also simple to use as you can pluck the hairs at home. 


This is a popular method of hair removal on different parts of the body. However, there is a soft wax formulated for the face. Before you buy any wax, do a patch test to ensure it will not cause skin irritation. 


Epilation is a process that works like the first steps of a facial hair transplant. You would use an epilator that works like an electric tweezer. The epilator will pluck the hair from the root. Thus, it would take longer to regrow.

The pros of using an epilator are that you could use it at most once in three weeks. Some people would take four weeks before they would need to remove facial hair again. Also, the hair that regrows after epilation is softer and finer. So, after some time, the facial hair will disappear. You can have epilation on other parts of the body besides the face. There are different sizes of machines for different body parts.

The process of epilation is as below;

  • Hold the epilator at a right angle from your skin. 
  • Move the machine in the direction of the hair.
  • Glide the epilator gently against the skin. It prevents breaking the hair before it pulls it out. 

Ensure the movement is slow to reduce discomfort and pain. Apply ice cubes on the epilated area to reduce pain and inflammation. 

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is semi-permanent hair removal. It works when laser beams damage hair follicles, leading to hair loss. It takes longer for the follicles to revive and grow new hair. Laser hair removal results may last up to six months. Thus, it is an effective hair removal strategy for busy women. 

Laser hair removal is an expensive method- It is close to facial hair transplant cost. But you can lower the cost by purchasing a mini-laser machine and use it at home. 

You can carry out laser hair removal on any part of the face. But you should avoid the eyebrows and eyelashes- these two are the most important facial hairs to any woman. 


If you do not have a tweezer, you can use thread to shape eyebrows and remove unwanted hairs from the chin, upper lip, and side of the face. The method is safe and doesn’t cause ingrown hairs. Also, the hair will take longer to regrow than when you use shaving or tweezing. 


There are various methods of hair removal you can adopt besides the expensive facial hair transplant. They range from temporary to semi-permanent methods. Select your method depending on your needs and schedule. You can achieve that flawless skin with simple and quick hair removal methods. 

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