Ease Your Neck Pain with These 5 Tips

Did you know neck pain affects one-third of Americans at least once per year? We spend about 5 hours necking down on our phones and engaging in the same prolonged sitting position. The repeated posture causes a stiff neck that is painful to cope with. However, there are invasive and non-invasive ways to eliminate neck pain. Las Vegas neck pain causes discomfort and, in some cases, immobility. However, we have sought information from a board-certified surgeon who prides himself in musculoskeletal knowledge and orthopedic surgery. Dr. McNulty offers patient-based care for neck pain by employing various techniques.

1. Ice treatment

Chiropractors and medical experts recommend ice treatment as the primary care for neck pain. Ice numbs your nerves and prevents the relay of pain impulses to the brain. A bag of ice also reduces swelling, a common aftermath of neck pain due to injury. We recommend applying ice within 24-48 hours after noticing neck pain or sustaining a superficial injury. However, space out your application intervals to avert pneumonia and common colds caused by low temperatures. You can alternate ice treatment with hot treatment for better outcomes.

2. Physical therapy

Massage and light therapy minimize pain and treat some causes of acute neck pain. Massage relaxes your muscles and ligaments to release cramped-up tissues for better mobility. Chiropractors recommend light massages starting from the neck then down and outwards to your shoulders. Repeat the motion until you come to a resolution. However, if the cause is an underlying medical condition, therapy won’t remedy it. It is imperative to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of neck pain before embarking on physical therapy as a solution to neck pain. Knee Pain Treatment can be helpful for knee pain problems after running or cause of age.

3. Medication

Over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol minimizes pain. However, they do not treat the cause of neck pain. Schedule a visit to the McNulty Spine center for long-lasting treatment, which offers comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment. The surgeon specialists also prescribe drugs that have better and faster pain-relieving capabilities.

4. Surgery

Surgery is the most effective method of curing neck pain. Surgery treats the root of neck pain and averts recurrent neck pain. Dr. McNulty says that some survey methods have better efficacy than others contingent on the cause of neck pain. Herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis are causes of neck pain that surgery remedies. However, Dr. McNulty employs minimally invasive procedures for mild neck pain before opting for invasive procedures. Surgery is your best bet to eliminate current and intermittent neck pain.

5. Exercises

Aerobic exercises and yoga work your muscles. The primary cause of most patients who complain of neck pain is poor posture. Prolonged sitting habits and cradling on your phone cause the muscles to tighten around a specific posture. Neck exercises such as the neck curl-up, lateral neck flexion, and neck rotation continually work your muscles and ligaments. However, start with low-intensity exercises before upgrading to strenuous exercises.


Neck pain is a source of significant discomfort. We understand it is painful to cope with neck pain. Our orthopedists dedicate their years of research and experience to cure neck pain. Schedule a visit today at McNulty Spine Center for expert evaluation and personalized treatment.

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