Did you know that Back Pain can Cause Discomfort?

Your back comprises many components such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and spinal discs. These complex structures work together to facilitate the movement of your body. However, when one of these components becomes injured or diseased, it can result in back pain. Back pain can affect older adults and young people. According to research, some factors can promote the occurrence of pain. Lower pain can limit you from doing your daily work. For the treatment of back pain, consult minimally invasive spine surgery in Matawan specialist in New Jersey. Below are risk factors for pain.

Factors That Promote Back Pain Among Individuals

Several factors can make you develop pain. According to research, some of these factors intensify the effect of pain, making it worse than before. These risk factors include:

·   Gender. Females are mostly affected by back pain more than men. The reason behind this is, females suffer a hormonal imbalance. Unnecessary tiredness can result in prolonged sitting, thus causing spinal compression and strain. When your spine becomes compressed, back pain may occur.

·   Diseases. Diseases are the leading cause of pain. Several disorders affect your spinal cord components. Diabetes is very common in older adults than young people. High levels of sugar in your blood damages nerves and soft tissues around your spine. Damaged tissue causes pain when strained. On the other hand, arthritis also affects the spaces found in your spinal cord. These spaces can build up a fluid that can damage nerves and tissues.

·   Age. Back pain is much prevalent in older adults than in young people. Older people have more worn-out tissues and nerves, which results in pain when compressed.

Back pain can cause other health complications if not treated and managed in its early stages. Below are ways back pain can be treated.

Ways of Treating and Managing Pain

Back pain can be treated in several ways. The severity of your disease determines the method of treatment to undergo. They include:

·   Medication. Pain relievers are offered to regulate and control the pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs can also be offered to heal damaged nerves.

·   Minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive surgery is done to non-severe back-pain. Your doctor makes an incision around the area of treatment. A needle is inserted through the incision, and the infected tissues and nerves are removed. Minimally invasive surgery is the most recommendable since it is free from bleeding and pain.

·   Open surgery. Open surgery is done as the last option of treatment. It is done when you are severely affected by pain. Your doctor can even replace the infected discs with artificial ones. Some of the symptoms that can suggest pain are difficulties when walking, muscle stiffness, pain when you twist, lift or bend your back, and difficulties when sleeping. Seek treatment at NJ Spine and Wellness center.

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