Creation of the Israeli-Jewish Congress: help in the fight against anti-Semitism

A well-known politician, businessman, and president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, Vladimir Sloutsker, has an active position on defending the interests of Israel. As a representative of his people, he had a lot of difficulties from a young age. He constantly faced injustice as he was not accepted to study at universities. Fortunately, everything turned out in the best way, and now Vladimir Sloutsker has a Ph.D. in economics and is an honorary person in professional circles. He has always wanted to return to his native land but was able to do it only in 2011.

Mr. Sloutsker could not do that before because his parents had a very responsible job. After successful relocation with Danny Yotam and other famous people, Vladimir Sloutsker created a Congress. Its purpose was to establish and maintain the relationship between the ministries and important people of Israel and European countries during the development of anti-Semitism. He became a “bridge” between Israeli organizations and Jewish groups in the EU, provided substantial support to Jews in Europe and organized a program for young ambassadors. Now he actively stands for the cooperation between Jewish Diasporas around the world.

Creation of the Israeli-Jewish Congress: help in the fight against anti-Semitism

Vladimir Sloutsker contributed to certain changes in Israeli laws. He believes that it is necessary that everyone who can confirm his Jewish origin can get citizenship and an Israeli passport regardless of the country in which he currently resides. He also thinks that recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is very important. Mr. Sloutsker advocates for Israel to make the country a respected and equal member of the world community. We can improve the current situation of unreasonable hatred in society only by working in union and on a worldwide level, eradicating the division of society (national, racial, and religious).

Living in the UK, Vladimir Sloutsker emphasizes that the local Jewish Diaspora is the most organized in the world. But there are also some fields to work on as the UK has not banned Hezbollah yet. Hezbollah is a terrorist group characterized by acts of cruelty, including against the Jewish population. However, at a charity dinner of the Community Security Trust company, whose goal is the security of Jews in the country, politicians stressed that Hezbollah is undoubtedly a terrorist organization, and we all need to be prepared for bad consequences.

According to Amber Rudd, the Secretary of State, the level of threats to Jewish minorities is increasing in the country, so it is necessary to fight against it in a modern way. As for Israel, it should think about education, communication, entertainment for the prosperity of their country and the effective fight against anti-Semitism.

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