How to Boost Your Customer Confidence Using SSL Certificate?

With the evolution of modern technology and innovation, there is an increased emphasis on using robust security measures for website protection. Moreover, cyber-attacks on e-commerce companies are also growing at an alarming rate. That has forced enterprises to safeguard their valuable customer data and other sensitive information. Thus, SSL certificates have become the backbone of Internet security for companies having an online presence. And they help in establishing an encrypted connection between the server and browser to enable secure transmission of data exchange. 

A search engine such as Google is also encouraging website owners to make their sites more secure by using HTTPS protocol by providing a slight boost to rankings in the SERP. 

Let’s understand more about SSL certificates and how they can be useful for your business.

Why do I need to use SSL certificate?

According to statistics by Venafi, 91% of the online users come across security alerts while visiting websites and almost half of them continue while the rest abandon the site. Thus, more number of visitors put trust in their browser when they encounter any security error or see any expired SSL certificate. Now let’s briefly look into how an SSL certificate can be useful for your online business and customers. 

Get Your Customer Confidence Using SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is a standard security protocol that is used to encrypt online information and provide safe and secure transmission of data. Today, SSL has become a necessity for all online businesses for conducting transactions safely and securely. Ecommerce sites can protect their business by providing reassurance to their customers about the security of their site and improve trustworthiness. SSL certificate provides a trust seal to website visitors while they are navigating your website for making online purchases. 

Also, it allows visitors to check for the authenticity of your website and verify its ownership which gives them confidence and peace of mind while sharing their personal details on the site. The padlock symbol displayed by secure sites indicates to the customer that they are dealing with a legitimate entity or business. 

Having an SSL encryption can provide a competitive edge to your business as more visitors trust your website resulting in improved traffic and higher business leads and conversions. 

SSL validation becoming a key necessity among website visitors

Small and midsized businesses realize the importance of having SSL certification for their online business. To help secure and encrypt their data to assist customers in deciding if they want to do business. SSL certificates can have a significant impact on your conversion rates and revenue. With increasing cyber-crimes, eCommerce websites are becoming more vulnerable to such attacks which put customers’ data at higher risk. Online companies must step up their efforts and provide the right assurance to their customers to get improved conversion rates. 

Most companies with online presence involve the exchange of information where visitors might have to share their personal information, including contact details or credit card details. Studies indicate that visitors prefer sites with security indicators and trust symbols displayed in their website browsers. Interestingly, search engines such as Google flag sites which are non-secure that may be using passwords or credit card payments. 

This makes it essential for all online websites to secure their sites and reap the benefits of improved search engine rankings, increase visitor trust, and gain control of what users can view on your website. 

Choosing the right SSL certificate for your needs

SSL certificate right one

There are three different types of certificates, namely Domain validation certificates, Organization Validation certificates, along with Extended Validation certificates. These SSL certificates verify the authenticity of the domain owner and allow for the encryption of information exchanged on the website. 

1. Domain Validated certificate

Domain level certificates provide the same level of encryption, but it does not authenticate the business identity of the website. Thus, websites using DV certificates will display a change of symbol named HTTPS. Which informs the users to proceed with trust. These certificates are best suited for websites that are not customer-facing, where business credibility is not much significant. Thus, sites that require a higher level of authentication may not be able to take a risk with DV certificates. Bloggers, forum posting, or a single-page website should include in this type of validation.

2. Extended Validation certificate

EV or Extended Validation certificate is the symbol of the highest assurance and ensures a maximum level of user trust with strict authentication standards. The companies which deploy these certificates need to undergo stringent background checks and rigorous vetting process of their business. They provide additional benefits such as higher warranties that can reduce their financial and legal risks in the event of a breach. These certificates are suited for websites that handle sensitive information. Including personally identifiable information like e-commerce, banking, and financial institution websites.

These certificates can help in reducing visitor abandonment and improve possibilities for site conversions. 

3. Organization Validation certificate

Organization Validation or OV certificate is generally issued after validating all the complete business details. Details including name, address, domain name and other business-related information. This certificate displays padlock along with the HTTPS that informs the visitor that the website is validated, and it is safe to conduct transactions. 

OV’s can be a great option for websites which are public-facing and wish to show their authenticated business. And enable the visitors to view your company information across the certificate. This type of certificate may be used also where you want visitors to sign up for some e-book or white paper. If you want slightly higher validation compare to the DV certificate, you should go with the OV SSL certificate.


SSL certificate can provide better encryption for your website and confirms your website visitors about its authenticity by ensuring data transmission are safe and encrypted. It provides positive assurance to your visitors that they are dealing with. A reputable company and builds trust and recognition for your online brand. 

Also, you must choose the right SSL provider with excellent feedback and ratings to get better value on your SSL certificate selected. Both small and mid-size enterprises are vulnerable to threats. And they must take necessary precautions to safeguard their website against hackers to avoid losing their business and valuable customers

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