The Best Ways To Utilize Local Search Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is great for all websites and businesses because it can bring in customers from all over, but what if you are trying to bring in a local crowd? You might bring in a few locals using basic SEO methods, but you may notice that you are not bringing in as many as you would like. How do you remedy this? The answer is “By utilizing Local search optimization techniques“.

Proper Ways To Use Local Search Engine Optimization

By utilizing local search optimization on your website. This article is going to explore the best ways to use local SEO for your business and website.

1. Use Long Tail Keywords – Local SEO tips

Long tail keywords are some of the best ways to optimize for a local website. They give enough information about your business to those looking and have incredibly low competition rates that other keywords do not have. An example of a long tail keyword can be something such as, “geeky t-shirts in Pasadena, California” or “garage door repair in Kansas City, Missouri.”

Best Ways To Utilize Local Search Optimization

These will help filter out geeky t-shirt companies that are in Boston and garage door repairs that are in Alaska from the search results and give your business a better chance at being chosen by customers. Moz has a great guide on doing long tail keyword research to help you find the best one for your site.

2. Include Local Information On Landing Pages

When writing up a webpage for your company, you need to think about how many areas you service. If it is only one town, then you will only need one landing page, but if you want to reach a wider area, then you will need to create a landing page for each location.

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Doing this helps to make sure you are able to do proper local search optimization by including the town and state, as well as local landmarks that are special to that specific area. This will help you rank high in several different locales if you are in a larger city, yet service smaller surrounding towns.4

3. Optimize Existing Content and Create New

If you have yet to optimize your current content for local search optimization, then now is the time to update it. Rewrite the existing content you have to incorporate local keywords, but make sure it is natural within the text. You do not want it to sound forced because one of Google’s requirements for SEO is that the keyword should sound natural.

Utilize Local Search Optimization

This is part of creating engaging content. You should also consider creating some new content for your website with local keywords spread throughout each webpage. The best way to do this is to either blog or to follow point number two and create a new landing page for each town you provide services to.

4. Use Social Media Sites Such As FourSquare

You hear people tell you to use social media for your site to help with local results, but many do not tell you to use something called FourSquare. This allows people to check-in when they get to your business. Many people, especially younger generations, love to check-in at businesses when they visit.

They will check in on Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter, and even Instagram. Make sure you allow them to do this and set up your location to be available for check-in. If you do not, you may find people make several different pages for your business – beat them to it and make your own check-in page.

5. Utilize Blogging For Local Search Optimization

As we have stated in this blog, you need different landing pages for your business, but you will also need some blogs that can be locally optimized. In fact, you should think of each separate blog as a new webpage for your site, with even more opportunities for local search optimization and regular SEO opportunities.

Ways To Utilize Local Search Optimization

Write about services you provide in a certain area or share stories of the jobs or work you have done for customers in that location. You can even use this as a chance to showcase reviews from customers from different areas to give people the idea to use you, but also to help them find you in their town.

6. Encourage Clients To Review Your Business Online

There are several sites out there that provide customers with the ability to review a business for others who are searching for a similar company. You should consider setting up your business on these sites and apps to give people the ability to find and review you. Some of the more popular apps are Yelp and Google Reviews,which are major players when it comes to getting reviews from your clients.

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When people come in, encourage them to go to these sites to discuss their experience with you. This can also help with your reputation marketing; by offering the ability to review your company, you are hitting two goals at once.

7. Use Photographs On Your Local Sites – Local SEO tips

While this may not help local search optimization as much as a long tail keyword or location specific landing pages, it will help in converting visitors into leads. People want to see the business they are possibly going to use and if they do not see any photographs they will search for another company.

Utilize the ability to upload photographs on whichever site you are using to encourage people to use your business. Always make sure the photos are high quality, as well. You might want to consider hiring a professional photographer to take the photos because high quality is important to viewers and readers.

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In Closing

Local search optimization is a great way to make sure you get the local clients you want, bringing in great revenue and results for your business. Many Web Company offers help with local search marketing and optimization for their users to ensure they get the best results from their websites. You can contact them and know the services they provide!

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