The Best Ways to Improve Your Marketing During Lockdown

This unprecedented modern global pandemic has turned the business world on its head. Business leaders and marketers are left wondering how to proceed with their efforts to keep their goals afloat and get through the COVID-19 health crisis. Now is not the time to press pause on your marketing initiatives. Here are five things that you can do to improve your marketing and promotional efforts during this time in lockdown.

Recognize the Situation

The very worst thing that you can do is to not acknowledge this challenging time. Not recognizing the situation will convey the message that it does not matter to you. It is not a good idea to carry on with normal marketing plans as if nothing has changed. You risk alienating customers if you take that approach. Instead, you want to show your empathy by acknowledging the pandemic and doing your part to assist the efforts. You can do this by joining a campaign to raise funds for COVID-19 or to raise awareness about the crisis. If you are a local company, consider joining a campaign specific to your area to show your support for your community.

Use Your Products or Services to Help

In addition to joining a campaign to demonstrate your core values, you can also use your specific products or services for the greater good. For example, if you are a restaurant, you may consider donating meals to hospitals in your area. If you are a distillery, you can use your existing supplies and equipment to produce hand sanitizer for the public. The goal is to lean on your expertise and established facilities to show how you can help. Not only will this endear you to your customers, but you will also feel amazing about your company’s contribution in the process.

Go Digital

One thing that has not shut down as a result of the ongoing pandemic is the internet. This means you need to ramp up your digital presence to market your business. There are a variety of ways that you can do this. Email newsletters are easy and cost-effective ways to reach your target audience while everyone is safe at home. By providing valuable content in these newsletters, you will encourage engagement and support the needs of your customers. Be sure to set up a metric to measure engagement in your newsletter so that you can understand who you are reaching. This will provide you valuable data moving forward so that you can adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

Offer Incentives

Offering an incentive is a great way to drum up business and show your support for the financial hardship that many people are facing. The type of incentive that you offer is largely dependent on the type of business that you run. For example, if you operate a retail store that was forced to close its doors during the pandemic, you may try offering free shipping along with a substantial discount on products to drive people to your website. If your business is not allowed to operate during this time or does not have a web presence, you can offer a discount or coupon for future use. You need to make the incentive significant enough that they will remember to use it.

Deliver Free Resources

Now is not a good time to worry about maximizing profits. The goal during this time is to survive and put yourself in the best position to succeed further down the road. You can accomplish this goal by offering free resources as part of your overall marketing plan. If the scope of your business relies on paid apps, you can consider offering some of those services for free to entice new customers to try out your services. This act of goodwill is likely to pay big dividends in the future, making it worth the initial investment now.

Although it is understandable to panic about the potential effect that this ongoing health crisis will have on your business, it is important to use this time to attempt to reach more customers. With the right approach and implementation, you can come out of this time with your business on a stronger footing than ever before.

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