Best apps that can set your mood anytime

A smartphone is an asset and the apps in it are what make it a productive device. Apps come in all types. You name a thing and there will be an app for it. Right from buying grocery to booking a cab.

What about the times when you are all sad and dying to make the most out of your day. In this article we talk about the apps that can help you set the mood by engaging in something different yet enjoyable. No matter what mood you are in currently. There is an app for everything.

Best apps that can set your mood anytime

Terrarium TV:

Who doesn’t like watching movies or TV shows on a laidback day. Terrarium TV is an streaming app which has a stock of around 50 4k movies and loads of movies from a variety of different genres. This app will surely make your day for the huge amount of content it has. You have lots of freedom when it comes to watching content like you get the freedom to choose the quality of video you are watching. Users can also download a certain movie to watch later. The user interface of the app is very easy and it has a very clean interface. Users can also choose a language and

Best apps that can set your mood anytime


You may be bored by the regular music that you listen on youtube or radio. Soundcloud is an app where you get to listen to individual artists from all across the globe. Soundcloud has a whole lot of new features like users can comment on any of the song and also add it as favorite. Soundcloud has around 120 million tracks and still counting. There are 3 different versions of the app and you can purchase any of them, they have different features such as no ads and also accessible to stream and save offline. The 3 versions are called Soundcloud Go, Soundcloud Go+, Soundcloud Pulse

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Best apps that can set your mood anytime


How about an app that can actually help you engage in blowing off your candle by merily bringing your phone nearer to a glowing candle. The way this app works is by actually using your phone’s sound producing system. The app produces certain wavelength of sound that do some motion in the air particles so when you bring the phone’s speaker near a glowing candle. It will simply doze off the candle. Always make sure that you point the direction of your phone’s speaker towards the candle for better impact.

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