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Android device manager location unavailable error fix

Who want to loose their mobile? No one. But at some situations if your mobile is lost by mistake then you must have some definitive app to track your mobile or delete your important data from it. One such thing is Android device manager, which is an excellent tool that helps you to protect your device. Today we are talking about a error that many user complain about Android device manager location unavailable error.

 Android device manager location unavailable error fix

If you lost your phone or keep it somewhere and forgot then Android device manager is very useful in such circumstances. It has two very important feature which makes is worthy. Firstly it helps you to locate your device your device easily. Secondly it  help you to completely remove all your personal files from it. And thirdly , oh sorry! no thirdly. So these two features helps you to feel safe with your data and gadgets and they make sure no one else can misuse it.

Note that Android device manager needs to activated first to use it. Go to security options in settings on your device to activate it. Now you can go to to locate your mobile. After locating you can perform some tasks like lock the device, give a ring and erase all data. But some user face an error of location unavailable. Here is the fix.

Android device manager location unavailable error fix

  1. Firstly go to Google Settings on android device and select Android Device Manager.
  2. Then Uncheck Allow Remote Factory Reset option.
  3. Now open Settings and select Apps or Manage Apps.
  4. Select All and tap on Google Play Services. (Update your Play store app if available)
  5. Now select Manage Space option and select Clear All Data. Android device manager location unavailable error fix
  6. Now go to Google Settings and check Allow Remote Factory Reset and just reboot your Device.
  7. Now go to Login to Android Device Manager again to find your android device now and reload your status and see that your device can now be located.

Additional steps to fix Android device manager location unavailable

Android device manager location unavailable error fix playstore

  1. Check the internet connection of your device and check if Wi-Fi  is connected properly. Also  Go to Settings -> Locations. Select “High Accuracy” in the mode option.
  2. Make sure your device is up to date as Android provides very frequent securities updates.
  3. If your Google Play Store version is older then make sure you update your play store and also your android phone.
  4. Android device manager can be found here
  5. This is the google support for Android device manager for mare info
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If your problem is fixed tell me in the comment below. Also if it’s not fixed you can tell that too. Thank you for reading this post.

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