Advantages and Benefits of Social Media for your business

What makes social media so advantageous for companies is that almost everyone has a social media account these days. With that kind of traffic running through these websites, it’s a gold mine for businesses to explore. For those who are active in business, here are a few advantages and benefits of social media that you can take advantage of your next marketing campaign:

Increases Brand Awareness

First of all, it can increase brand awareness quickly. For instance, if you create a like page and have a lot of friends, you can share it around and spread the word. Facebook also has a marketing platform that allows you to include ads and further spread your page to random people. Other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have the ability to also spread really far because they are public. This can easily provide brand awareness.

Benefits of Social Media for your business

Provides Very Affordable Marketing

Essentially, social media accounts are free. However, they offer business-boosting and promotion options that allow business owners to further spread their page. SocialDrift used to provide boosting service for Instagram. But there are a lot of SocialDrift replacements to use these days. Of course, these tools aren’t at all very expensive if you would compare them to traditional advertising methods.

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Improves Customer Loyalty and Increases Customer Engagement

Because social media taps the personal side of consumers (through engagement and customized content), you can actually gain a lot of loyal customers. Customer engagement is extremely important as it allows the business to bridge the gap in between. If you can bridge that gap, you get loyal customers.

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Enables You to Gain Valuable Feedback and Insights

Through comments and engagement reactions, you can instantly gain feedback on what you’re doing wrong and right. Also, social networking platforms provide businesses with basic insights that would quantitatively measure the performance of your accounts so that you will know what your next move is.

Allows You to Specifically Target Your Ads

While traditional ads do not directly target a specific market (they target everyone, but they just cater to one or a few more demographics), social media can. Facebook, in particular, has a feature that lets you choose your target demographic by entering their age, sex, location, etc. It makes things easier for marketers.

Gets Insights on Competitors

You can also easily see the performance of competitors by taking a look at their accounts. This is important because it can give you fresh new ideas on how to handle your own brand as well.

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Gets Better Search Engine Results

Most people don’t know that being social media friendly also makes your website have better search engine results. If your page or social accounts are very popular and have a lot of good content which uses your website as a landing page, you can improve your search engine ranking.

Advantages and Benefits of Social Media for your business

Enables Businesses To Reach a Wider Market

Since social media is public and accessible to anyone, it allows you to reach people who aren’t in your target demographic. Unlike traditional advertising, social media allows you to communicate with them. This may open up a whole new demographic for your business which is good for your exposure.

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Boosts Conversion Rates

There are actually a lot of people who buy things because they see it on their social media accounts. Take Instagram for example. If Starbucks posted a beautiful picture of a new drink and a cool hashtag, you’d see a lot of people asking how much the drink is and run to the nearest shop to buy it. Social media has the power to boost your conversion rates if you know how to use them.

Builds Relationships

Lastly, they build long-term relationships. Because of the power of engagement, social media allows the business to directly communicate with the people, allowing you to hear your followers’ pleas and wants. This gives you the opportunity to further improve your services based on what your customers want.

Social media is definitely the most useful marketing tool for this generation. With its powerful reach, it can grab a lot of market share easily. If you are going to start a business, then start your marketing campaign with social media.

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