A Step-by-Step Guide To The Home Building Process

Building a house from scratch is often preferred by many people as opposed to buying a home. Many people who build their houses from scratch enjoy the process as it allows them to customize the house to whatever form and shape they want. They end up living in a house tailored to their specific requirements.

While building a house is fun for many people, failure to follow the right building processes could have long-term effects. Follow the steps to proper home building to save money on the house and get the quality you need. The following step-by-step guide will give you all the insight into the home-building process for your next home.

1. The Pre-Construction Planning Stage

The process of building a house starts way before the first brick is laid on the ground. Adequate planning distinguishes between a well-constructed house and a shabby construction process. 

The pre-construction stage allows the home developer to plan out everything pertaining to the house’s construction. This helps provide structure to the entire construction process.

The main thing to do in the planning stage is to look for a good construction company to help you handle the technical bits of the construction. A construction company like Costas Construction could advise on architectural design, budgeting and estimations, and the legal aspects of the construction. 

You can begin the construction process once you are settled with your construction company.

2. Clearing The Site

Before you can begin constructing your house, you need first to clear out the site of any structures and fixtures that would impede the construction process. Many construction sites are often filled with trees, bushes, and debris. 

You must remove all these items before beginning the construction process. A good idea would be to use a tractor to dig out the land after cutting the trees and uprooting the stumps. 

3. Building The Foundation

The next step after clearing the land is laying the building’s foundation. The foundation is arguably the most crucial part of the construction as it can affect how high the building can go. It also affects the stability of the building. 

In most cases, you can ask your construction team to decide on the best kind of rocks and materials for the foundation to ensure it meets the expected standards.

4. The Perimeter External Bricks

When the construction team is satisfied that the foundation is complete and all the cement has dried up, you can then begin laying the external bricks of the house. The exterior bricks are from the whole structure of the building. These bricks also serve as the external walls of the house. 

A Step-by-Step Guide To The Home Building Process

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For many construction teams, this process takes the longest time. This is because the process involves placing each brick on the wall and adding sufficient mortar. This process is highly delicate as it also involves arranging the bricks to create space for doors and windows.

5. Roofing

After building the external structure of the house, you need to put in place a proper roof. The first step in erecting a roof is placing the eaves or bars holding the roof in position. 

You have two options when it comes to roof bars. You can choose either metallic bars or wooden bars. Generally, metallic bars are preferred as they can withstand much pressure and hold heavy roofing material. After installing the bars, you can proceed to please the roofing materials, including iron sheets or tiles.


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6. Installing Plumbing And Electrical Wiring

Installing plumbing and electrical wiring comes after you have completed all the external structures of the house. Unlike in the past, where many pipes and electrical cables were visible, modern construction techniques help hide the cables and pipes out of plain sight. This helps maintain the beauty of the house after construction. 

7. Interior And Exterior D├ęcor

The final step in any house construction is doing the interior and exterior decoration and furnishing. Decoration gives the home its last look and begins by plastering walls and laying the floor. At this point, you must also add the final touches to aspects such as wall units, wardrobes, wall lights, and painting.

Most times, the internal and external decorations go hand in hand. External decoration processes include painting the outer wall and landscaping the compound on the house. It might be a good idea to ask your construction company for recommendations on good landscapers. This will ensure that the work is done at high standards.

A Step-by-Step Guide To The Home Building Process

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Final Thoughts

The process of building a house involves many aspects, most of which can be easily handled by a good construction company. Getting the right construction team helps ease the burden on your side. This allows you to relax while waiting for the project to complete.

Remember, the planning stage for building a house is arguably the most essential part of the construction project. As such, always ensure that you take adequate time to plan the project before you lay the first brick.

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