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8 Fabulous Anniversary Flowers for Wife in 2021

Fabulous Anniversary Flowers

Flowers are always essential on various occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthday parties, etc., where they communicate and pass a specific message of love, care, or appreciation. There are various types of anniversary flowers which you can give your wife on your anniversary celebration days.

The anniversary flowers are classified according to their meaning and what they portray in each anniversary year of celebration. All flowers’ wedding anniversary usually communicates the love and admiration of the couple in their marriage journey or life. 

When you are confused about which type of anniversary flower to give her in 2021, this article is best for you. It will discuss some of the fabulous anniversary flowers and their meaning in specific years. Therefore you will choose the best one for your wife according to the number of years you have been together in marriage.

Types of anniversary flowers for your wife in 2021

1. Carnations flowers

Carnation is a type of flower wedding anniversary which comes in many colors like red, white, pink, etc. The flowers symbolize young love and passion, thus making it suitable for new marriage anniversaries, usually one year of staying together after the wedding.

The carnations flowers will make your wife happy and unique during this honeymoon period. Both of you are new in the relationship and still look forward to celebrating many more anniversary years to come.

2. Cosmos flowers

Cosmos flowers are usually pink and represent love at young marriage. You can give your wife this flower if you celebrate your second anniversary year to show her love and put into her mind that you understand each other well and would like to grow together as a couple. 

Cosmos flowers usually bloom with their pink color in summer; hence it will be the best anniversary gift for her at this season of celebration.

3. Sunflowers

Sunflowers usually bloom with bright yellow, red, pink, and white colors. They can make the best anniversary flowers for a wife since they symbolize happiness and a bright future for you. It has a sturdy stem, a clear symbol of a strong marriage foundation, and faces the sun to show that you are ready to overcome the marriage challenges.

4. Geranium flowers

Geranium is a type of flower wedding anniversary that comes in various colors such as purple, pink, etc., and symbolizes the togetherness of a wife and husband. It is suitable for a wife, especially when you are celebrating your fourth anniversary.

5. Daisy flowers

Daisies are unique anniversary flowers that have a fine texture and are always attractive. The flower symbolizes strength, forever love, and fidelity. If you give a wife this type of anniversary flowers, it will make her know that she is still unique even though you’re used to each other, and therefore there is a lot in future to do together as couples.

Daisy flowers are suitable for a wife, especially when you celebrate your fifth year of married life.

6. Daffodil flowers

Daffodil anniversary flowers represent the memories you have had together as couples and the extraordinary life you expect in the future. The flowers are usually arranged in a bouquet for them to blossom since they are always small.

It would help if you gave your wife this flower on your tenth marriage anniversary to show that you have made a decade in your marriage and still expect many more to come.

7. Rose flowers

Roses are the best anniversary flowers for couples who are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary. At this time, you will be showing your wife that you still love her despite all the bad, worst, ugly things you have gone through. 

Roses usually symbolize love, passion, and strength, and therefore it will remind her of the love you both had at your first-anniversary celebration. Roses come in many red, white, yellow, and pink colors, but the red color is perfect for this anniversary celebration.

8. Aster flowers

Type of flowers wedding anniversary that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. It is suitable for your wife when you are celebrating the twentieth anniversary year of your wedding. At this time, you have learned more about each other and are celebrating your understanding. They usually bloom in purple colors, which are attractive and eye appealing.


Flower wedding anniversary conveys various messages about a relationship or marriage. The flowers discussed above are the best anniversary flowers to make your wife happy and memorable in 2021.

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