8 big companies using Python

Are you thinking about learning Python? You may be motivated to know that many of the most relevant companies globally chose this programming language. Some of the reasons why they went this route is that it is free, it is suitable for all platforms, it has easy to read code and it is very versatile; That is, it has many uses.

Python programming is used to build web applications, automate operations, analyse large amounts of data, and develop applications. In other cases, Python is used for task automation, container orchestration, and cluster management.

In the case of large companies, it provides reliability, scalability and practicality, due to how simple it is, but also, this is the reason why its developers chose it from the early stages of development. Among its benefits is the fact that it allows them to develop fast and scalable solutions for their business challenges, which also means a great benefit in relation to a company that wants to use this language from its early development phases.

Companies across multiple industries using Python

Below we tell you about some of the largest companies that use Python in their technological development. Maybe, after knowing more about them, you will be more determined to learn this programming language.

1. Google:

The use of Python became a standard for many of its products and services, including YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Drive. Another use that the company has given it is the creation of Python tools and libraries. One of them is TensorFlow, a machine learning library that helps manage and implement machine learning processes. Another example is the Google App Engine, which is used to create web and mobile applications that are linked in the cloud (in Google Cloud).

2. Amazon:

The giant e-commerce company has found the Python language to be very useful, especially for its commercial operations. In fact, the company developed its own version of Python, under the name “Boto.” This is used to interact with Amazon Web Services (AWS) services, among others. If you are thinking about looking for a job at Amazon, knowing how to program in Python will be very useful. Another language used by the company is Java.

3. Meta (former Facebook):

The company that owns Facebook uses Python in many of its products, from infrastructure management. It does the same with Instagram, its Messenger application and WhatsApp. Additionally, they have created Python libraries such as PyTorch, a popular machine learning library. Maintenance tasks also use this language. The company has said that Python is of great importance to its development.

4. Netflix:

In this list of companies that use Python, the movie and series streaming platform could not be missing. Its uses here are multiple, but mainly it has to do with task automation and data exploration. Perhaps one of the most visible features for the user is the content recommendation. This is possible thanks to a machine learning system that uses Python to process the viewing data of each user.

5. Spotify:

Another company dedicated to entertainment chose the simplicity and versatility of this language. Uses Python for data analysis, due to its ability to process data to generate reports and analysis. Another very useful benefit is the automation of infrastructure and maintenance tasks, but that’s not all, as it also uses it in its own machine learning platform, Alchemy, which creates predictive models and personalised recommendations for whoever is using Spotify.

6. Uber:

Python is used at Uber for data management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. For example, the transportation company collects a large amount of data from its users and drivers, and uses Python to analyse that data and make informed decisions, which is why it is very useful for the operation. Another of the best utilities where Python appears as part of the formula is the mathematical calculation that the application makes for characteristics such as the driver’s estimated arrival time or the duration of the trip.

7. Dropbox.

The data warehouse company uses Python for task automation, saving them valuable time and resources. One of them, perhaps the most important, is that it is used for tasks such as backing up files, verifying data integrity, and organising files. Another advantage why this platform takes advantage of Python is its practicality for launching new features or expanding services.

8. YouTube, Google Cloud and Google Maps:

belonging to GOOGLE, this company has Python as one of the most used languages, especially in projects such as YouTube, Google Cloud and Google Maps, among others. One of its uses is to develop and train machine learning models, especially in the field of computer vision and natural language processing. As if that were not enough, the use of Python stands out for libraries that are open source with access to users.

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