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8 Benefits of Using an Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Benefits of Using an Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

In any production line, packaging forms the last and final step. It is one of the important steps as well. It is always the first thing that the customers will see before they unpack the items to get to their final product. Consistency and efficiency are the two major characteristics followed by production line here. Right now, packaging lines are using stretch wraps, designed to protect items from any outside dust, dirt, and damage. The items will further get protected from tapering as well. 

You can try out some of h hand scratch wrapping products, but it will take time and the results are not always flawless. To make this task a lot easier, less time consuming and accurate, the use of a Flow wrapping machine is highly recommended. Right now, companies are investing in such machines all the time, just to get over with their daily operations. There are 8 significant benefits of using these machines and it is time to learn about them.

1. Improved version of inventory control:

It is true that stacking the same items together will make this task of inventorying a lot easier. This stage further helps in reducing any chance of product separation which will make inventory counts rather time-consuming. With some clear and even consistent wraps, you can scan the items through the scanning system straight.

2. Increase in the productivity level:

Everyone wants to get the items covered within less time. An automatic Flow wrapping machine will help in putting down the business inefficient manner.  Now, you don’t have to wait for the items to get stretch wrapped. Just place the pallet on the conveyor and the wrapping procedure will start automatically. It will stop automatically when nothing is there on the conveyor pallet.

3. Wrapping the items efficiently:

If you are using this machine for a bulk packaging project, you can be sure to get consistency in wrapping the items with the same stretch and efficiency. It was not possible if you plan to use the hand stretch wrapping in here. Manual wrapping procedure has variations in the stretch and can effectively wrap the items as asked for.

4. Complete the packaging faster:

An automated version of the Flow wrapping machine comes handy with the PLC control. It helps in fastening up the packaging line and cover bulk requirements within a set time frame. Some of the machines from reputed brands can further be customized to match special requirements. Aiming for the customized machines is sometimes promising as you will get extra features and accessories associated with it.

5. Saving on film costs:

The automatic machines will save you a lot on film costs. The automatic ones have two filming thread rollers. The rotational speed of the second roller is higher than first and that helps in stretching the film. It helps in increasing the tensile strength and you won’t be tearing and losing more films. So, chances are high that your business gets to save a great deal of money then.

6. The perfect way to save time:

The manual wrapping of every product in the production line is time-consuming. Moreover, if there is any mistake, then you have to unwrap the item and get it wrapped the second time. All these issues will not be there is you are using a wrapping machine. You get the opportunity to use that time to cover other business procedures.

7. Safety at its best:

Stretch wrapping system will keep the operator on a forklift, which is one safety measure. As per some recent statistics, around 20% of the accidents involve people walking around the warehouse. Now you don’t have to as the machine will be taking care of it. Even hand stretch tools will cause tear injuries, which you can keep at bay with the stretch wrapping machine.

8. Protecting goods from foreign items:

It is always important to take complete care of your items from dust, damage, and moisture before dispatching it to the clients. You can do that by stretch wrapping it properly. The machines will do it for you and ensure that your items are free from any kind of moisture or dust. So, when it reaches out to the customers, they will receive a perfectly clean and undamaged item.

Now you know why companies are investing a chunk of money on the stretch wrapping machine. Choose one that matches your productivity line well.

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