7 ways to get good business reviews for your Startup

Imagine you just purchased a new t-shirt. You found the color fascinating. But when the t-shirt arrived at your doorstep, the color was not at all what you expected. This is when you start doubting the intention of the brand. You will not just share it with your friends; you will post it on social media and make sure that everyone knows that the brand was a fraud. 

Now, conversely, if you get the right color, you might share it with other people. And a correct word of mouth will get out there. 

The thing is, whatever the case, it is your responsibility as a brand to understand the intention of customers. When you know the intention, it will be easy for you to gather as many positive reviews as you can get. 

Here are the seven ways from which you can get feedback by your customers and maximize the number of sales.

Ask for feedback later 

At times the user might not be able to give a detailed review of your service. So, it is best that you give it a day or at least for a few hours after the customer has availed your service. This will give the user some time to think if they want to add something valuable to the feedback. But in this case, you must be careful about negative reviews. If there is any mishap with an order then never ask the customer for their feedback instantly, but let the matter be sorted out first. Asking for their feedback is better when customer knows that you did everything you could for making their experience better. Chances are they might even prove to be one of the loyal customers, provided, the matter was solved and the results were positive.

Let them give a review from multiple sources 

Maybe a customer is not comfortable reporting on a particular platform. That’s why you must present the customer with various review options. 

Consider the moment when your customer got delighted. This is when you need to ask for the customer. If you’ve just completed the order and the customer is excited about it. Just ask for feedback then and there. This is the best where the customer will give maximum good feedback. 

For a bad experience, take a day to let customers gather thoughts and say exactly what they mean and serve them right and ask for feedback again. 

Fix the Bad

The best approach to deal with an angry customer is to listen to him well. When you listen to a customer without interrupting, it will give them a chance to speak their heart out. When they are done with it. Now, it is your time to make things better for them. 

Either suggest to them what you are going to do to satisfy them or ask them what they want 

When you tell them that you understand their problem and you are trying to solve their problem, then they will at least be satisfied and not make a bad word for you out there. 

Use Social Proof 

It doesn’t matter how much you brag about yourself on social media. If other people are not saying anything good about you, it will be difficult for you to maintain your stance.

What you need is to use feedback from other customers. It looks more personal and trustworthy. Regardless of wherever you got the comment, you can use it to take leverage on new visitors. 

When customers see other people are talking good about you, it will give a feeling that you are a somewhat trustworthy and viable brand. 

Leverage Fixed Issues 

Don’t just waste the fixes you did for the customer. Often companies do follow up with a lousy customer experience after making things right. This gives them a chance to drive things in the right direction. 

When you fix things for a customer, it allows you to leverage that moment and make it easy for the new customer to decide whether to do business with you or not. 

Always Respond 

Even if it is just a comment on your social media page, you must respond to everything that customer throws at you. There will be dozens of reviews, comments, and angry customers out there. The best approach you need to follow is to respond to them one by one. This will help you to know the true intentions of the customer. A professional digital marketing company will return to customers regardless of their mood. Whether the customer is angry or happy, you’ll be able to respond accordingly and solve their issue then and there. 

Try to get as many reviews as possible

Customers will rarely say anything if they find something off in your service. This is a digital age, and everyone is too busy even to respond to you. This is why you must make it easy for the customer to give a review as fast as they can. 

You can also take help from chatbots to automate some customer feedback. These bots will be able to receive reviews of customers and store them for you to look afterward. 

In a Nutshell 

Having good reviews is great for business. At times having bad reviews is also suitable for business. You can always use social proof to leverage those reviews and make the new customer trust you. 

Just keep in mind that you are giving a service to the customer. When a customer is happy, take pride in asking for feedback. And when the customer is angry, take deep thought in asking what went wrong? There is nothing unsolvable. You can see what the condition is and make things right for the customer. 

There will be times when it will be difficult to calm-down a customer. This is why you need to make yourself, and your employees patient in dealing with difficult customers. When the employees are patient, it will be easy for them and easier for you to deal with angry customers.

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