7 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power and Improve Cognitive Functions

Being productive is practically an imperative in today’s modern age, however, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t feel entitled to rest and relaxation. Boosting your brainpower and making the best of your cognitive functions can do more for you than simply immersing yourself in work, hoping it will result in something substantial. 

There are many ways that can help you with that, so for that reason, here are some useful tips and ways to improve your cognitive abilities and make them work for you. 

1. Practice self-discipline

If you’re someone who’s a bit scatterbrained, then it’s important to practice self-discipline, at least in those areas in your life that could use some. For example, if you tend to check your phone at work, then it’s best to leave it in your bag, so you’ll be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Being disciplined at work, or while doing house chores, will help your brain differentiate between various situations, so it’ll know it’s time to work, whenever you sit behind the desk or start studying, for example. 

2. Enjoy intellectually stimulating activities 


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Reading books, doing crosswords puzzles, Sudoku, or good, old jigsaw puzzles are all fun, yet intellectually stimulating activities that might help you expand your intellectual potential. So if you’ve been a self-sufficient kid, you’ll likely benefit from doing these types of activities, especially whenever you feel bored or restless. The logic required for these tasks will calm your brain while boosting your cognitive skills and expanding your general knowledge.

3. Try some smart drinks 

Sure, everyone knows about sugary, over-caffeinated energizing drinks. If you were or are at college, then you’re likely familiar with them. However, these types of drinks (together with coffee) are only short-term stimulants that boost your energy and focus. Therefore, it’s better to find healthier alternatives, such as zero sugar nootropic drinks rich in nutrients that will boost your intellectual performance. Consuming these types of beverages is a great solution if you want to improve your concentration, problem-solving skills, and mental energy while also promoting your overall health. Opting for healthy but tasty snacks and beverage options is guaranteed to give you all-natural, pure energy without the crash. Just like the vegan-friendly energy drinks and protein bars on https://xiteyourmind.com.

4. Know when to unwind

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Since a lot of people subscribe to a “rise and grind” motivational culture, it’s important to point out that, no matter how hard you work, you still need to rest in order to feel energized again. If you have a regular habit of resting, your brain will be more motivated and ready to work during the time when you intend to work. The balance is the key, so next time you feel overwhelmed or agitated, it’s better to take some time for yourself, until you’re fully ready to work again. Taking a nap, going to a spa, or reading a fun book are all relaxing and fulfilling activities that will fill your cup. 

5. Introduce some mindfulness into your life

Mindfulness is the state or quality of being aware or conscious about something. When you practice mindfulness, you’re also inviting yourself to see reality through a more grounding and calmer perspective. The most popular mindfulness practice is meditation, so feel free to start with it, on your own terms, of course. Aside from meditation, you can also start doing yoga, as that might be beneficial, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

6. Learn something new 

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One of the best ways to boost your brainpower is to learn something new. However, many people fear doing this because they’re afraid of potential failure. But, if you want to progress as a person, then you should be prepared to be bad at something new, until you get the hang of it, of course. So whether it’s a new language or cooking class, learning is a powerful activity that will improve your intellectual capabilities, while also nourishing you from the inside. 

7. Reduce your social media consumption

Social media platforms are seductive and addictive, which is their purpose, after all. But, endless scrolling may have negative effects on your wellbeing, especially when it comes to your self-esteem, but also cognitive abilities. Hence, rather than switching from one social media app to another, it’s better to do something uplifting and interesting, mainly when you’re bored and restless. 


These are amazing ways to help you improve your brain power, however, it’s important to remember that living a healthy lifestyle, and feeling balanced are huge factors that can contribute to better cognitive functions. If you follow some of these tips, chances are you’ll experience wonderful results, which will help you reach your potential and become the successful person that you deserve to be. 

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