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3 Great Reasons On Why You Should Use Emojis In Your Social Media Posts

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Social media is a great medium to quickly and efficiently share news, information, and other types of content to your audience. The type of content that people have the tendency to be attracted to on social media are images. 

1. Quicker Communications

Back in the days when you called sick, you would have to send a letter, or inform your classmate or colleague about your illness. These days you can send your friends or peers a message with a vomit emoji to quickly depict you are sick, or experiencing an illness. Another usage for the vomit emoji is to depict something is gross or not pleasing to your eyes or senses. 

However, that is just one sample, overall emojis have become a super fast medium to communicate which compliments social media platforms very well.

2. Emotional Value of Emojis

People are more drawn to images because most images are more vibrant than plain written text. Images have an aesthetic value that words do not have. Images also have the ability to give meaning or information to viewers in less time. 

Emojis are a specific type of image. Emojis are small graphic images that can accurately depict a variety of human feelings. They can represent feelings and they are considered to play a significant role in communication.

Using emojis in your social media post might be beneficial for your company or brand. But if you’re still undecided about whether or not emojis are a good match for the voice and tone of your brand. Here are 3 great reasons  to use emojis in your social media posts:

3. Emojis can help you get good engagement on your social media posts

The most important thing to consider in growing your brand through social media is engagement. One of your main goals is to attract an audience and hold their attention. You need to post content that gains the interest of your potential customers, and sometimes, plain boring text isn’t enough to do that. 

That is why utilizing emojis in your social media posts is so beneficial in getting the attention of your audience. Emojis can convey feelings, ideas, and emotions accurately. They can add the much-needed buzz that word cannot give. Emojis can convey feelings, ideas, and emotions accurately and they are also easy-on-the-eyes.

4. Emojis can save time and effort

These days communication tends to be more rapid and fast-paced.  Your audience will most likely favor shorter social media content over longer ones. People do not like it if your posts drag on because if your social media content takes a whole lot of effort and time to view or read, it might cause your audience to be bored, and then they will have a more negative view on your brand.

Using emojis on your social media posts is beneficial because depending on the type of emoji that you use, you might be able to convey a lot more meaning and a lot more emotion to the viewer in a shorter time frame than when you are using written text. 

A good example of this is when you want to write a post about something empowering. When choosing to write this type of content through words, it might take a bit more effort and a little bit of intricately used language in order to build the reader up and get the desired effect of empowering the reader. 

But with the use of an appropriate emoji, you can just write something as simple as, “This is not the time for us to surrender, we need to stand our ground and fight✊”, and it will most likely get the same intended effect that you get when a writing a long and well-thought-of post. Emojis are able to accurately convey meaning and are much shorter than words, that is why all-in-all emojis can save time and effort in creating your social media post.

5. Emojis can accurately represent an idea or meaning

Some emojis have a better effect in representing meaning than words can because most abstract content can be easily more understood in an image form rather than through words.


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