6 Best Tips On Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerhouse in the marketing world, making your social media marketing campaigns vital to a successful business. Things can get overwhelming when you start a social media campaign or begin using social media for the first time, but it is easy to learn how to use social sites to your advantage, as well as how to operate them. This blog is going to take a look at a few helpful tips that can give you a successful social media campaign.

1. Get The Timing Down For Social Media

Social media is all about timing when it comes to having successful posts. Timing can vary on what your business is, when your specific client base is on, and the particular social site you are using. Marketers over at Forbes have said that the majority of businesses have found success with posting on social media when it is at the top of the hour because many people will take a few minutes to look through social media then.

6 Best Tips On Social Media Marketing

Late in the day and evening times are also good according to Forbes because many people may be commuting or just arriving home. This is when they will sit down and take a few minutes to unwind and look through their social sites on their smartphones, making this an important window of time. Overall, it is wise to watch when you receive the most interaction and experiment with timing to find the perfect one for your business.

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2. Social Media Marketing Requires Calls To Action

Interaction with clients on social media is important, but one of the most important elements in social media marketing is making clear calls to action with your updates. If you are posting a blog from your site, give people a little information about the post and then clearly state that people should click on the link to read more.

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You will find that the majority of people will click on a link when they are able to see a clear call to action. If it is unclear, they’ll skip down to the next item in their social feed.

3. Always Have A Plan Ready

Social media marketing relies heavily on having a plan of action ready. This is great to help you know what to say if you receive a negative response or if something untoward happens. You should sit down with your social media manager to discuss what to do in certain situations. If you do not have a manager and run the social sites yourself, then consider calling in someone else in order to bounce ideas off of him or her.

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Plans of action are great for all businesses to have as a way of reputation management. This will help you come up with some great scenarios and possible outcomes. While you can never be fully prepared for any problem or event, you can have a plan to fall back onto when something happens, cutting down on the significant stress you would have if you did not have a plan in place.

4. Have Remarkable Customer Service On Social Media

Customer service is vital on social media, and it needs to be over and above your normal customer service plan. You need to be able to deal with people in a friendly manner and responded to any problems someone may have professionally. A great example of good customer service on social media is HBOGo’s twitter account. When Game of Thrones was airing, many people were watching on HBOGo.

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This proved to be too much for HBO’s servers, crashing them. HBOGo responded to complaints with silly quips instead of simply stating, “talk to your provider.” They would say something about trouble in the realm or other Game of Thrones related phrases. While it didn’t solve the issue with the servers, it helped ease the feelings up anger or disappointment from followers and helped everyone laugh about it.

5. Remember That Social Media Mistakes Will Happen

This is a reality when it comes to social media – mishaps happen. Go into your usage of social media knowing this, and you will be more prepared than many businesses. It is wise to follow point three about having a plan, but make one that is specifically dealing with mishaps such as sending out an inappropriate tweet or having a failed campaign like JC Penny’s Super Bowl campaign.

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While this may be difficult to have scenario-specific plans, you can at least have an idea of how to respond, whether or not you will delete and forget, or if you will just ignore the mistake. The best course of action is to respond professionally and timely to it, instead of deleting or ignoring.

6. Stay Active For Better Results

A big part of social media marketing and management is staying active on all platforms. If your social media account doesn’t have many updates from you, people will eventually forget your site or un-follow you. Make sure you have a schedule lined up for how often you will use social media and how often you plan on posting to your accounts.

Polling your clients and learning what they expect to see from you can easily decide the frequency of posts. Start at first with one to two posts a day and no more to establish yourself as a social media presence without overwhelming your clients’ feeds. From there on, decide how frequently you will post and if once a day is good for your business or if you will need to post more often.Never post so frequently that people start accusing you of “spamming” their feeds with all sorts of information from your company.

Strategies in Social Media Marketing

You will find that these above tips for social media marketing will greatly help you with your social media campaign. City Web Company is here to help you and your business with social media marketing as well as the ins and outs it entails. If you would like more information about how we can help your company, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any and all questions you may have regarding social media marketing and how it can benefit your company.

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