How to Host The Perfect Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in the US sporting calendar and takes place each year, early in the year, between the winners of the NFL’s American Football Conference (AFC) and its National Football Conference (NFC). Every year, a different city has the honor of hosting the event. In 2021, this NFL showdown took place between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, the home of the Buccaneers. 

Naturally, a Super Bowl is a good time to gather with friends and/or family, and all settle down to watch the big game together. Below are some tips on how to host a Super Bowl party and get ready for the event.

How to host a Super Bowl party

Hosting a Super Bowl party isn’t complicated, but it does require a bit of work to get things ready so that the whole party runs smoothly. Here are some pointers:

Cover your coffee table

You can use a table cloth or just use some paper, but make sure you cover your coffee table (and any other tables). You’ll be putting out food, and the tables are likely to get sticky. There could be a few spillages, too. 

Offer open seating

Football fans like front row seats so they can get as close to the action as possible. So be sure to rearrange your sofa and other furniture so that there’s plenty of space and seating available. Then everyone can jump around or, if there’s a bad decision out on the grid, throw their arms up in disgrace at the referee without any fears of knocking anyone or anything over. 

Put out finger food

Hot knife-and-fork dishes are necessary, but just one or two. You want to stick to the basics and just give people what they want: nachos, chicken wings and dip. Don’t overwhelm yourself by serving up lots of complicated dishes.

Set up multiple zones

Set up several food zones around your party area so that your guests can help themselves to what they need wherever they are in the party area. Place the dips and other foods into small dishes or on smaller plates, rather than all in one large bowl or on one large plate.

Create a drinks station

Make your guests feel comfortable by setting up a drinks station so they can serve themselves alcohol or other drinks. This makes life a little easier for you, to, because you’re not having loads and loads of bottles, beer cans, drinks racks or other paraphernalia scattered around your party. It’s all in one place.

When is the Super Bowl? 

Super Bowl 2022 will be Super Bowl 56 and will take place on February 13. The venue: SoFi Stadium, in Los Angeles, California.

Preparing for the event

As always, you can expect the Super Bowl to be a thriller. Will the world see the walkover it saw last year when the Buccaneers destroyed the Chiefs 31-9

Although you might not be able to prepare fully for the result, you most certainly can prepare for the event. How?

Get ready ahead of time

Even if you’re just using the event to spend some time with your family, prepare ahead of time by visiting the grocery stores well in advance to get all your supplies. What food are you going to prepare? Plan your menu and assess how long you’ll need to get everything ready.

Research the teams

Who will be stepping onto the grid is yet to be decided at the time of writing, but do some research into the teams. How have they been performing this season? Check out the Super Bowl betting, especially if you’re thinking of putting some money on the game. The sportsbooks will give a good indication of how the event could play out.

Play a few games

You don’t just have to all watch the game together to be making a night of it. Why not play a few games as well to get yourselves in the mood for the action on the grid? Football trivia or football-themed charades are two types of game you could play.

Remember the kids

Kids may or may not be into the football, so be mindful of them because they can get restless easily if they’re not football fans. Set up some activities or ways to entertain them so that they can stay engaged. Then you can watch the game uninterrupted, and they will have a good evening, too.

The Super Bowl is a fascinating event and keeps fans not just in the US, but also around the world, glued to their TV sets. There are just a few weeks to go until the big day and until the world will see who lifts up the Lombardi Trophy. Just who will it be? 

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