5 YouTube Channel Ideas for Popular Niches

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has only become more popular and widely used each year. There are not many who haven’t used YouTube for one reason or another, as you can find any genre of visual content on this platform.

There are a lot of reasons why people consider building their own YouTube channel. If you know you want to become a YouTuber but don’t really know what avenue to go down, read some of these channel ideas that audiences love. 

1) Sports, Health and Fitness

Sports, health, and fitness niches are extremely popular, as many people are devoted to their favorite sport or fitness hobby. These viewers don’t just enjoy doing the activity; they want to learn more about it and potential products to buy on YouTube!

Take advanced cyclists and runners, for example. It’s not just about the sport itself but the diet, attire, and equipment that goes with it, too. You have the opportunity to connect with fans of your favorite sport or fitness activity on YouTube. 

People love to do yoga, aerobics, and other workouts from YouTube because it’s free and easy to do in the home. You’ll have a lot of competition, which is why you need to use the best YouTube marketing tools. However, once you start posting, you’re sure to gain views, as there will always be demand for content in this niche.

2) Food and Cooking 

Who doesn’t love food? You can really get creative with food-related channels. Perhaps you want to record yourself exploring new places to eat out, cooking your own recipes, or simply just eating delicious food wherever it is. There’s something really satisfying about watching food videos, and that’s what makes it so popular, as long as you make it look good. 

This category also increases your potential to earn money on YouTube. Restaurants might ask you to conduct reviews in return for payment or free food. Cooks may want you to advertise their cookbooks, and stores may sponsor you to use their utensils. 

3) Gaming 

Gaming is a whole other world within itself, and there are a vast number of games out there that all require intense skills to play. Some of the most popular YouTubers have acquired their success by specializing in gaming. 

Gaming contains multiple niches, and you might find a sub-niche that you thrive in and become the face of. 

4) Music Lessons 

The reason music teaching can really take off on YouTube is that lessons are free. They don’t require travel from viewers, and people can take part any time of day for as much or as little time as they please. 

There are many aspiring musicians out there, especially for instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Even for more advanced musicians, they sometimes like seeing others’ variations on songs, etc. 

5) Style and Beauty 

The beauty community thrives on YouTube, as this is the perfect medium to build followers through tutorials, product reviews, interviews, etc.

Many people are into style, beauty, hair, and makeup and are always looking for inspiration. Viewers love to see makeup personalities create unique and innovative looks. 

Let your personality shine and get creative with your own makeup ideas! Plus, you may get offered freebies if you get successful enough! 


Making YouTube videos for your channel is not easy. You need to dedicate many hours to building your brand and online presence. 

However, if you are determined and use the right marketing tools, you can get closer to achieving a popular channel.

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