5 Ways Couples Can Keep The Spark In Their Marriage

While we all know that we can’t possibly keep it fresh, exciting, and passionate at all times, it is important that couples do not fall into a comfortable lull, where we allow the desire for one another to fade over time.  At the beginning of the relationship, the sparks that ignite your relationship will come naturally and in bursts, so much so, that you may not be able to keep your hands off one another.

But as time goes on, you may crave personal space, choose to take on individual hobbies, or get so engrossed in life, that you forget to initiate those moments of passion, love, and desire. In this article, we are going to provide you with five ways you can use to reignite or keep that spark alive in your marriage so that your relationship remains sexy, delightful, and passionate. 

Shed Those Clothes!  

Not only is sleeping naked good for your health, but it also shows your partner that you are completely comfortable with them. When you engage with your partner in this way, it opens up your relationship to more sexual experiences that are spontaneous, exciting, and passionate. While you don’t have to do this every single night, doing it once or twice a week, is enough to get you and your partner closer together.

If you want to build up sexual tension, you can also give your spouse light touches during the night as you fall asleep. You can cuddle right up to them and pull them in close, or you can even suggest sharing a pillow. Just having skin to skin contact during the night, even if it doesn’t lead to any sexual intimacy, is enough to build up that desire and that spark that you crave.

Do Some Research! 

One of the biggest issues that couples complain about is the fact that sex becomes a routine, rather than a spontaneous act that you both furiously participate in. To reignite the spark, consider purchasing some toys Prostate massager that you can both use on one another. Something light to set the mood, such as a massage lotion can be the perfect, non-intimidating place to start. Not only will these help you explore some fantasies, but they will increase how playful you can be with one another. Beyond this, have some sensual conversations about what you’d like done to you and with what toy and explore different toys and their features together. And no, you don’t have to go into the store if it’s your first time, just simply shop online and browse together!

When it comes time to use the toys, make sure that you are fully present and aware of one another. Begin slowly with the new toy, exploring together, what features do what and whether your partner likes them or not. Figure out where the sensitive, erogenous zones are and build them up. As you do so, both of you will feel more connected and alive. Check out these fun things to do in Nashville for couples for ideas on how you can be more connected together. 

Show Your Appreciation of Them.  

When you choose to acknowledge what you are grateful for, whether it be for the things your spouse does during the day, or for how their mind works and perceives the world, you bring your partner closer together. See, we tend to get caught up in all of the negatives around us, especially those of our partner. For instance, we may hate the way they chop vegetables or leave the coffee maker full of coffee grinds in the morning, but when you constantly bring these things up, you push your partner away. Instead of always telling them what they are doing wrong, choose to tell them what they are doing right in such a way that it shows appreciation. Not only will this encourage them to keep on doing it, but it will make them happy, bring them closer to you, and supercharge the relationship with positivity.

Another way of showing appreciation, beyond just telling them, is to get familiar with their primary love language. In doing this, it will help you discover the ways in which they feel and understand love. This way, you can tailor your actions and words in such a way that they feel closer to you because you are putting more effort into making them feel loved.

Break Your Routine and Surprise Your Spouse With Spontaneity. 

Keep one another interested by being spontaneous and trying new activities together. This will prompt the brain to recognize and associate pleasure with your partner, which will, in turn, cause those butterflies to take flight again. Beyond new activities, try sending your spouse a steamy photo randomly or snap a full-length photo of yourself with a mysterious or sexy caption on it. Rather than engaging in straightforward flirtation, be mysterious about it.

Talk About How it All Began. 

Go back with your partner to the very beginning and talk about how your love turned into a budding romance, filled with little intimate touches and flirtatious texts. In doing this, you help one another remember what that attraction felt like and where it came from, solidifying your bond with one another.

A marriage is much like a plant. You will need to water it to allow it to thrive as you both grow together on your journey. It’s all about working hard for each other and always putting things into perspective. We hope these tips have helped give you some ideas on keeping that spark alive! 

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