5 Signs That You’re Not Doing Your Skincare Right 

Creating a step-by-step skincare routine takes time, effort and energy. So, naturally, if you have found something that suits you, you should stick to it. However, bursting the bubble, even the best skincare routine does not last forever, supposedly. Hormonal changes, lifestyle choices, general ageing, weather conditions, stress levels, environmental factors and many more affect your skin’s health. Furthermore, moving around your daily routine per your skin’s present needs is essential rather than what generally works. 

In addition to that, you can add biotin tablets to your daily routine as it produces fatty acids that help nourish your skin. Let’s read a few signs that your skincare regimen is not working right for your current skin situation and needs an instant change. 

1. New Acne Lesions

If you have acne that pops up suddenly, it might be an indication that the products you are using because of their benefits are now parching out your skin. It can also suggest that your sebaceous glands are functioning over time, and this combo of excess sebum and dry skin is breaking you out. 

2. Increased Sensitivity

Skin irritation, burning, stinging, or peeling are all signs that your skin’s sensitivity has greatly increased and the skin barrier is under attack. It can result from using various exfoliating agents or layering potent products together.

3. Increased Dryness

If you are experiencing dry skin despite using your daily moisturiser, it’s time to change your skin products. This dryness in your skin is a clear signal that your current skincare regime is not providing you with the required amount of hydration that your skin needs. 

4. Seeing No Changes

Suppose you have been actively following your skincare regime and still haven’t observed the desired results or an improvement in your skin issues. In that case, this only indicates that your current skincare needs. 

5. Dullness

When your skin starts looking dull, it indicates a buildup of dead skin, insufficient nourishment, or lack of exfoliation, and your skincare routine needs a brighter boost. Additionally, you can try omega 3 capsules which helps soften your skin and leaves a soothing effect on your skin. 


It is pretty easy to get tempted to try different skincare. The marketing lines such as miracle, game changer and brighter skin are enough to convince you to use different products. However, besides all the reviews online, there are some important things. Your skin has requirements and properties based on your genes, environment, and lifestyle. 

The skincare products take enough time to show effectiveness. It is important for you to stay active and concerned about your skin and its needs. Also, apple cider vinegar is an excellent option for your oily or acne-prone skin as it helps balance your skin’s pH and much more. 

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