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Skin Care Routine for The Fitness Enthusiast

Skin Care Routine

Finding time to keep fit in today’s busy world is a great accomplishment. But then, many people think of fitness only and forget to keep vital things like skincare in mind. The reality is that both fitness and skincare are essential, so you shouldn’t overlook one of them.

However, not every fitness enthusiast doesn’t think about skincare. Some do, but they do not know the best skincare routine to adopt for the best results. With all the sweating at the gym, you need a skincare routine to remain in perfect shape. This article will give some skincare tips for fitness enthusiasts. Organic face masks are a fantastic way to show your skin some love and improve the quality of it. You may check out the guide from SenseOrient where you can find most fantastic organic face masks of the year according to their beauty experts. 

Read on to find out.

1. Freshen up with Facial Mist

It is vital to give your skin a boost before hitting the gym daily. A refreshing skin mist is all you need, and thankfully you can make it at home. Facial mist is made at home with brewed green or herbal tea. Pack it in a bottle and chill it in your refrigerator to make it effective.

You can also use peppermint that gives the skin an energizing effect. Besides, lavender and chamomile are great for calming the face. You can also carry the facial mist with you in your gym bag. Store it in a small bottle so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the bag.

2. Avoid Wearing Makeup

Most ladies find it challenging to step out without makeup. They wear it every time, including when going out to the gym. If you ask a medical esthetician, this is one thing they’ll discourage. Your skin needs to breathe, and it breathes more during workouts. Makeup blocks pores, making this impossible.

Thus, the best thing to do is go to the gym bare face. If you must wear anything, keep it as simple as a tinted moisturizer. That will help keep your skin pores open and allow it to breathe. A tinted moisturizer is recommended because it doesn’t block the skin pores or become too heavy.

A tinted moisturizer recommended by a medical esthetician will be the best option. Since skincare is life-long, you can also be an esthetician of your own. You can take a cosmetology course and take care of your skin like a professional. Cosmetology courses are now available online. Click here now to find one.

You can also find answers to questions like ‘how long does it take to become an esthetician’ online. This makes the internet a great learning resource for skincare. 

3. Avoid Touching your Face

There are a lot of things that you touch at the gym. You share the items in the gym with other people, and sometimes you’ll need to tie your laces. All these make your hands dirty, and touching your face with the same hands can expose your face and skin to dirt.

The best thing to do is only touch your face after cleaning your hands. It would be best if you also carried a small face towel to wipe your face. Otherwise, you can touch your face after cleaning your hands with water and soap. Keeping these in your skincare routine will prevent blackheads and acne.

4. Wash your Face After Workout

washing hand

Another essential fitness skin care tip is to wash the face after a workout. As discussed before, sweat on the face mixes with oils, makeup and dirt during workouts. The result of this can be severe if you don’t clean your face every time you finish your workout.

It can make your skin break or even lead to clogged pores. Washing your face immediately after finishing workouts is an essential skincare tip for fitness enthusiasts. But then, it is also essential to use skin products that will be gentle on your skin when washing up.

5. Change Clothes After Workouts

Most people do not change their clothes immediately after workouts. They go straight to running errands for hours before they change into regular clothing. Well, this is another thing that a beautician will discourage.

Bacteria comes out of the skin pores during workouts. It gets soaked in your clothes as you sweat, and it can harm your skin. For instance, this is one of the reasons why people develop acne. Thus, you should freshen up and change into clean clothes as soon as possible.

6. Remember to Exfoliate

How frequently do you exfoliate? Well, many fitness enthusiasts forget to do this regularly. However, this is essential, and you shouldn’t miss it in your daily skincare routine. If you hit the gym regularly, your body will harbor more dead skin cells than an average person.

The dead skin cells end up trapping oils, dirt, etc., causing acne. This makes exfoliating a vital addition to your skincare routine. It would help to find the right exfoliant for your skin, and it has to be mild. This will help remove the dead skin cells and leave you fresh.

7. Rehydrate

It may seem like common knowledge, but many people don’t drink water regularly. According to research, your body loses up to 1% of its water and is desperate for it before you start feeling thirsty. It isn’t advisable to let it get to this point before rehydrating.

Sweating during workouts means that the body has lost most of its water. Always remember that water is vital for the body, especially for keeping your skin in good shape. You, therefore, need to ensure that there’s enough water in the body continually. This will keep your skin well hydrated and glowing.


Skincare is an essential thing for everyone today. You can keep your face free of acne and spots with a skincare routine. If you are a fitness enthusiast, having some skincare tips designed for you can be significant. It will help your skin stay healthy, although it gets exposed to more dirt than average skin.

This article has explored some crucial tips to include in your skincare routine. Sticking to them can help you keep acne and other skin problems away. Also, remember to use skin products that a medical esthetician recommends. This will help ensure you don’t damage your skin while trying to care for it.

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