5 Side Businesses You Can Start to Earn Extra Cash

It’s never been easier to start your own business. While it takes a considerable amount of grit and consistency to effectively build, sustain, and scale your business, there’s nothing that’s impossible when you put your mind to it. There are many resources, tools, and systems you can adopt in order to effectively launch and build. You don’t have to reinvent the entrepreneurial wheel. If you’re not sure where to start, consider some of the best side businesses you can start in order to earn some extra cash.

1. Reseller

There are so many avenues you can use in order to source items and flip them on the internet to make a profit. You can specialize in selling discontinued products from companies like Starbucks and Bath & Body Works. You can opt to comb through clothing at your local thrift stores, and you can sell the treasured items on platforms like Poshmark and eBay. Attend your local estate sales in order to find valuable jewelry pieces you can resell. The sky is truly the limit in the lane of reselling. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with this process. If you want to dive into the reselling community to learn more about how to do it, there are lots of social media influencers who are well-versed in the art of reselling. Join their tribes to learn how to make reselling your side business.

2. Web Developer or Designer

With countless people looking to build their own brands and digital footprints, they’ll need websites and web designs that communicate their online attributes in dynamic ways. If you’re a web developer or web designer, dust off those skills and begin to promote yourself. As you create efficient, good-looking websites, you’ll be able to build your credibility and your portfolio at the same time.

3. Photo Booth Business Owner

When people attend amazing events, they always love to have physical proof of the time they had. Purchase a photo booth, and book one or two events each weekend. Within a few hours, you can easily contribute a significant amount of money to your pocket. Purchase your photo booth from a reputable company that provides guidance on how to navigate the photo booth business in order to thrive.

4. Baker

While it’s amazing to have access to store-bought cookies, pastries, and other baked goods, there’s nothing quite like enjoying homemade baked goods that are clearly infused with love and care. If you’re an excellent baker, monetize your skills as a baker. Develop your price points, a menu, and a marketing strategy. If you opt to ship goods to different cities and states, factor shipping into your cost of goods. In order to create a level of scarcity, create a waiting list that opens and closes at specific times. As more people place orders and sing your praises as a baker, repost those reviews on your social media platforms in order to attract more business.

5. Day Care Service Provider

If you’re excellent with children, it won’t be difficult to thrive as a daycare service provider. As long as people continue to have children, people will remain in need of trustworthy, excellent daycare providers. Even if you opt to take care of children on a part-time basis, this could simply mean that you’ll open an after-school daycare for a few hours in the evening. You might decide to take care of children on a particular schedule when parents have to go out of town or go on a date. You can decide on the model that works best for you. Plus, there are plenty of online job portals where you can advertise your services and share your level of expertise. If you plan to open a daycare in your home, make sure you go through the proper channels at the local and state levels. You never want to illegally operate a business in your home.

You don’t have to jump into full-time entrepreneurship if you don’t want to. It’s completely possible to reap the benefits of a side business. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or transition your side business into a full-time enterprise, you can decide the pace and commitment level you’d like to give to it. By clearly defining your goals, sticking to a plan, and applying your knowledge, you’ll earn cash from your side business in no time.

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