5 Most Popular Games in India in 2019

Players in India have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to playing games online, including casinos offering online roulette, blackjack and online slot machines, battle royale games, strategy games, etc. Therefore, online casino games in India are a major contributor to the revenue generated by the gaming market in 2019 (72.2 billion U.S. dollars approx.). So, if you want to get into the world of online gaming, the following is the list of top games in India in 2019.

Following is a list of top games in India in 2019:

1. PUBG (Player Unknown BattleGrounds)

This is one of the most famous battle royale games being played nowadays. This game got into limelight on console gaming initially, and reached the list of mobile gamers in the previous years.

According to the users, the best part of the game is the concept and its graphics along with good quality servers and the features to find friends via Facebook login.

2. Ludo King

This games is defined as the sleeper hit with more than 50 million downloads. As per the users it is a perfect 4 person game to spend their time, both with the computer and with their friends online.

As per the users, the game is quite addictive but has some flaws too like hanging in between, basic graphics. Despite of all these problems, it is still one of the most famous games in 2019.

3. Candy Crush

This game has acquired more than 22.3 million reviews and has established itself as one of the most famous mobile games in India. The best part about this game is the thousands of levels it has, the easiness of play and the regular updates to this game.

As per the users, the game is marvellous and amazing, with gameplay and graphics as some of the most appealing factors.

4. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans falls under the category of strategy games and has raked in huge popularity in the last few years. This game was at one time the second most popular game in India. This game requires it users to defend their villages while building and strengthening their own clan. 

As per the users, the best part of the game is the feature to invite their friends to play in friendly challenges. Once about 45 million players gave this gave an average rating of 4.6 which shows that it is not only popular in India but has a fan base all over the world.

5. 8 Ball Pool

This game has been loved by its players for years. Before beginning it’s play, the user is prompted to bet some money so that he has some skin in the game against the opponent.

As per the users, the controls of the game are pretty intuitive, but the game play can be tricky on a phone-sized device as shooting from the edge of the table gets difficult.

The trend of online gaming has been increasing in India recently and if you want to be a part of that trend, you can start your play with these games.

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