Things to Look for When Choosing a Gaming Phone

Choosing a Gaming Phone 

Everyone like to play, Right? Today you can play any kind of games on your mobile. Every game is in your pocket now. The people who are more into high graphics games need better mobile phones for the better gaming experience. Today we would learn some important things that you should look for, before buying a Gaming phone. So, how does one find a phone that suits your needs when there are so many models and brands to choose from?

Before we start, let me tell you that casual phones are also good and serve the gaming purpose but they lack some of the features that would enhance the user experience. The feel of the game that you would get by playing the game on any normal phones and on the high-end gaming phone is totally different. Let’s start discussing the features of Gaming Phone that I’m talking about. 

Things to Look for When Choosing a Gaming Phone

Things to consider while Choosing a Gaming Phone

Technically many things affect game playing on your phone. But the two primary things that everyone considers is huge battery and at least 1080p screen resolution. Not all phones have these two attributes combined, but those that have are great for gaming because of prolonged gaming time and at high-quality resolution. Let’s talk about these features one by one.

1) High Resolution and Big Size Screen

Screen size matters, if you are a person who loves high-end graphical games. You cannot play those in that tiny little screen, You must look for a bigger sized screen with 1080p resolution. That is must, most of the latest phones like ZenFone Max Pro M1 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro have provided a bigger screen for game lovers.

2) Long-lasting Battery power capacity

The second most important thing is your battery working duration. Your battery drains faster when you play games, so you need a battery that lasts for the longer duration. Some people play games for long hours, for them, it is most important to have a long lasting battery. Battery power matters if you want to play at an online casino for prolonged hours or watch few movies while travelling huge distances, all at a high resolution. For online gaming you need constant internet turned on, so if your battery is huge in capacity, your phone will not be drained of energy in a short time.

3) RAM Size for a Gaming phone

RAM is the thing that would boost up your phone and help you do many things at a time. Your phone has an OS which controls all the process through the processor. So Processor and RAM size is going to affect your gaming experience horribly. If your phone is filled with too many apps and your RAM size is small, then the processor cannot process the background apps data and that is why some phones start lagging. Having at least 3gb of RAM is a must if you want to play top AAA games or do some multitasking on your phone.

4) Processor Configuration for a Gaming phone

The processor also plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience by speeding up the process performed per second. There must be a balance between the Processor and the Ram size. If your RAM size is large enough like 5 to 6 GB and your phone still features Quad Core processor, then the processor will start choking if you have too many apps in the background (Your RAM stored them and has no problems) and it will take some time to process all apps. This will also start lagging your phone. So choose the Octa-core processor for faster multitasking and gaming experience.

Each phone that has been made has certain needs that some love, but others would deem them insufficient. You should always choose your phone based on what you need. If you need anything, don’t expect the price to be so cheap. A brand also makes a difference in terms of price. The most important thing, however, is once you buy a phone, you need to protect your phone from all kinds of threats. Even the best phones can work very bad if you let a virus or any type of malware to enter and remain.

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