Traveling light with only a carry-on

Packing your bags for a flight is always a nightmare, especially when you carry hand luggage only – not to mention that many airlines have the infamous one-bag-only cabin baggage policy, which is not a pleasant way to start your vacation. Here are the top ideas and methods for flying with only carry-on luggage, from choosing the proper suitcase to selecting a wardrobe and cutting down on unnecessary items.

The best way to pick your bag

When it comes to carry-on luggage, you should search for a bag that isn’t too heavy (many airlines have weight restrictions on your bag), which is spacious. The best recommendation is to look for a lightweight, soft-sided bag rather than a hard-shelled suitcase since this will allow you to fit more items inside, and it will be lighter and easier to carry.

The best way to pick your bag

The size of your cabin luggage will be determined by your airline’s requirements as well as the length of your trip. However, most airlines allow carry-on luggage to be around 22″ x 14″ x 9″. Look for backpacks or bags with lots of pockets since this will help you organize much better.

A hack to squeeze in all of that clothing

squeeze clothing

You must have heard about the best packing advice all the experienced travelers give out lately: do not fold your clothes – roll them! Rolling your clothes saves space in your backpack while reducing wrinkling, making it an obvious packing tip for carry-on luggage.

Your ultimate travel essentials

Apart from choosing the right wardrobe for your next vacation, you should pay attention not to forget your most important toiletries. You want to avoid running around the airport and buying your skincare products right before your plane is about to take off! Shampoo, skincare, make-up, and beauty supplies may significantly increase the weight of your backpack, so your next choice should surely be travel-friendly packaging!

 travel essentials

To make your life easier, this is a short list of travel size, amazing natural body care products that you should consider packing for your next trip:

Shower Sheets

After rushing to pack all the bags, running around the airport in order to catch that flight and no time to shower, you will need a little something to freshen up until you arrive at your hotel.

These Large 12 x 10 natural biodegradable, soft Body Wipes are good for all skin types and are the best choice for a quick cleanse and refreshment. They immediately clean and deodorize the skin, giving it a clean, just-showered sensation. With a 100% natural aromas infusion, they are ideal for post-exercise, running, and outdoor use.

Shower Sheets

Travel size rejuvenating hand & body creme

One product that is always necessary for your travel bag to keep your skin soft and healthy is a body creme. This time, you should pick the right one for your trip, and be sure to pack it!

Chapped hands and dry skin is always something to avoid at all cost. If you’re searching for a moisturizing, quick-absorbing hand cream for dry hands, Count to Zen travel size, cream-textured hand and body treatment is the ideal option for restoring the lost moisture. 

This should be your next go-to travel essential since it also comes with a subtle, naturally relaxing aroma, pleasing to all skin types.

Now that you know how to pack a carry-on like a pro, you can travel for weeks without sacrificing the essential items in your luggage. Goodbye, luggage claim! Hopefully, these cabin bag packing suggestions have helped you plan what to bring the next time you travel with only carry-on luggage.

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