5 Fresh Ideas for Event Marketing

Event marketing is a type of marketing aimed at promoting a company and its products through events. Organising or participating in events builds brand awareness, helps you demonstrate your capabilities, find partners and build strong customer relationships.

5 strategies and ideas for event marketing

1. Create a conversion landing page

There are different ways of registering clients for events, ranging from dedicated sites to chatbots on social media. However, landing pages remain relevant. Roughly 60% of marketers believe their own websites are the most effective channel for promoting events.

Create your landing page ahead of time to generate interest in your event. This can be done with zero budget, no designer involvement and no coding skills. Use a website builder for this. 

To maximise registrations, include the following information on your landing page:

-introduce the speakers and organisers of the event, tell us why their reports are valuable;

-describe the program of the event, indicate for whom it will be interesting and why it is worth visiting;

-add details such as date, location, event plan and other important points;

-use clear, engaging and motivating calls to action.

2. Promote events on social media

Social media has a huge audience, more than 3.8 billion people use them. At the same time, the number of users is growing – since 2019, the audience has increased by 9.2%. The possibilities of social networks to attract customers are simply enormous.

Plus, social media provides many tools for promoting events, from creating dedicated Facebook pages to buying blog ads. To increase your reach, try cross-promotion with other event organisers and speakers. This is how you grow your audience. Also, you can attract new customers with the help of influencers. People trust opinion leaders and listen to their recommendations.

If you want not only to promote your event but also keep the audience afterwards, consider creating a chatbot. The virtual assistant will help unload the support service and will communicate with your customers 24/7.

To increase the interest of subscribers, tell them about the speakers, share short abstracts, or send them other interesting information using the chatbot. 

3. Use FOMO – fear of missing out syndrome

56% of people are afraid to miss an event, news or an important update on the Internet. The fear of missing out is a huge driving force. Use it in event marketing.

Warm up the desire of the audience to attend your event with bright and captivating materials – photos and videos from last year’s event, exciting announcements. 

Post useful articles and news, share photos and videos from past conferences, hold contests among the participants and tell which of the speakers the guests liked the most.

4. Super bonus

The highest degree of event mastery is to offer a super bonus just before the start. Promise your visitors a surprise, a prank, etc. – in short, take any action that will spur the person to postpone their business and come to you. The best way to do this is by using an event banner mesh. That way your target audience will surely be informed. 

5. Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content allows you to organically reach more people, unobtrusively communicate your event, and create social proof.

The easiest way to get content from users is to come up with a social media hashtag and motivate people to use it. Another way to generate buzz is to organise a competition. For example, you can promise free tickets to those whose posts get the most likes or reposts.


There are many options for capitalising on event marketing. To achieve your business goals with this channel, pay attention to promoting events and generating leads.

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