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4 Office Lobby Decorating Ideas

Lobby Decorating

Your office lobby is the first place many of your potential customers will see. With that first impression, they will already be forming ideas about your company and probably about you. Humans are quick to make associations and value judgments, and there is nothing you can do about it. But knowing how we are, it is best to arrange your office to communicate how you would like your company to be viewed.  Clutter and disorder should be avoided at all costs, so minimalism and efficiency should be your guide. Here are a few suggestions for a tidy and business-positive lobby.

1. Magazine Rack: 

Aside from being something to keep your customers entertained while they wait, magazines are a subtle way of communicating your company’s politics, personality, and sensibilities.  But you don’t want to make your office look like a child’s dentist office from the seventies, with a stack of old, worn-out magazines strewn about willy-nilly. You want new material stored in a sleek mechanism that also adds to the overall décor, like this magazine rack in NZ. Make sure it is staged properly and often.

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2. Furniture: 

The kind of chairs you see in an office lobby hints at the customer service experience to come. Chairs made for comfort are welcoming, but maybe they imply a long wait ahead. In comparison, hard chairs can be unwelcoming and indicate a bit of stinginess. The way to go is to find unique chairs that look interesting to sit on and are also comfortable. Arrange chairs so that they face each other at angles around a minimalistic but elegant table. And if you have a large lobby, include a sizeable curved couch that would be perfect for small group meetings before a presentation.

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Lobby Decorating

3. Lighting: 

You can do many fun things with lighting these days, and lights are an excellent way to set a mood. Avoid traditional lighting ideas, and fluorescent tubes should be forbidden. Aside from having some elegant floor lamps, it would help if you designed your lobby to have hidden programmable LEDs that you can use to mould the light into something interesting. Experiment with colours and find the right wavelengths to fit the décor.

4. Reception Desk: 

If you have a reception desk in your lobby, it is best to use it to set the design cues for the room. You can also use it to act as a divider between the employees and the guests. Guests usually feel more comfortable when they aren’t being stared at, and receptionists typically prefer to work without many peering eyes. And with the current health concerns, the separation provides an easy way to be compliant. A bespoke reception desk with modern features, including more LEDs, will create a good impression of success and sophistication.

An office lobby represents a company’s personality to such a degree, that it would be best to consider having the entire room designed by a professional.  But if you enjoy making these choices, you would be well advised to spend some time online looking at office lobbies and get some ideas and a theme that goes perfectly with the statement you are trying to make. 

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