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Freestanding Tubs to Make your Bathroom Look More Aesthetic

Freestanding Tubs

Did you know that you can add a freestanding tub in your bathroom and emulate a spa-like atmosphere? And, this is a lifelong experience that you’ll live to cherish. 

Indeed, most homeowners are now renovating their bathrooms to add value. They’re installing accessories like the modern freestanding tub. According to Statista, 2018 alone saw the global bathtub market valued at approximately 8.26 billion USD.

These tub types are standalone bathtubs that can be positioned anywhere within your bathroom area. Again, they’re cost-effective, and some come as freestanding bathtubs with showers. They’re also favorable for anyone, whether you want a modern or vintage style. 

A freestanding tub benefits you in many ways. First, it makes your bathroom look gorgeous. Second, they are designed for you to enjoy a soothing bath. 

The most beautiful part is that you have the liberty to choose what you want. You can find freestanding bathtubs in a unique variety of sizes and shapes. One standard shape is the freestanding rectangular tub. You can also find a design that matches your bathroom cabinets. 

With all the freedom, you can customize your bathroom’s design to exactly what you like and what you can easily maintain. 

Homeowners are also becoming more creative by positioning their bathtubs strategically. For example, bathtubs between cabinets can make your bathroom look aesthetically appealing. This can work best, especially for the farmhouse style.

Which Freestanding Tubs Can Make Your Bathroom Look More Aesthetic?

You can also choose bathtub styles and colors that match your bathroom cabinets. This adds to your bathroom’s attractiveness.

Depending on the design you choose, each tub comes with unique styles and benefits. It’s no wonder the freestanding tubs have become popular in recent years.

Now, are you looking for freestanding tubs to make your bathroom look more aesthetic? If so, let’s find out more below.

1. Copper freestanding tubs

copper tub


Copper stand alone tubs are the stunning, hand-crafted designs that come in unique styles, shapes, and textures. 

Do you have wooden bathroom cabinets with vanish? If yes, you can acquire a copper bathtub that closely resembles that. As a result, your bathroom looks gorgeous, as you can see in the photo above.

The copper’s capacity to conduct heat enables you to maintain a steady water temperature. 

Copper is also associated with numerous health benefits. This is because it naturally resists mold and bacteria, hence keeping you safe from diseases linked to substances like mold.

2. Cast iron freestanding tubs

iron tub


When it comes to the cast iron freestanding bathtubs, they are heavy and durable. They come out exactly how they were made centuries ago. Hence, they can last you many generations to come. 

Because of their classic appeal, cast iron tubs are best suited for traditional historical home renovations. These tubs consist of iron with porcelain enamel coating. As a result, they are easy to clean and hard to scratch. 

As mentioned earlier, cast iron tubs can retain heat excellently, hence ideal for extended soaking. However, if you have a bathroom cabinet, you must ensure that it’s far from the bathtub. 

With frequent and extensive soaking in hot water, the steam might ruin the cabinet’s finish.

However, if your tub is close to the cabinet, you don’t have to worry. This is because the stand alone tubs with showers can be adjusted at any time.

Furthermore, you need some space between items like cabinets and tubs. It allows for easier cleaning around the bathroom areas. This will help you maintain neat and attractive bathroom spaces. 

3. Acrylic freestanding tubs 

tubs freestanding


Acrylic tubs are the most common choice for freestanding bathtubs today. They come with a large variety of both traditional and modern freestanding tub designs. 

They are pretty lightweight, making them easier to move around, and install. You can even carry the tub up the stairs. 

You also don’t have to reinforce your floor when installing on an upper level. This is what sets apart the freestanding acrylic tubs from the heavier materials like resin and cast iron.

Most importantly, those with smaller bathrooms are not limited from installing beautiful bathtubs. 

This design comes in smaller fitting sizes. Hence, it can work well as a freestanding tub in a small bathroom. 

So, if you’re remodeling a smaller bathroom and you want to install a stunning freestanding tub, you can find such designs. They help you save space and also add aesthetic value to your bathroom.

4. Stainless steel freestanding tubs



Do you value bathtubs with sleek looks that are also easier to clean and maintain? If yes, then you can consider stainless steel designs.

Tubs made of stainless steel have a modern look that most people may be looking for. They’re primarily available in well-polished finishes, which match perfectly with chrome and nickel plumbing fixtures. 

As aforementioned, this bathtub material also needs very little maintenance. It’s easier to clean and maintain a finish that hardly forms dents and scratches. The stainless steel tubs can last you for many years ahead; hence value for your money.

5. Solid surface freestanding tubs

Solid surface freestanding tubs


The highly durable, heat-resistant, and gorgeous bathtubs could be what you need. You get to enjoy a calming soak, and they’re a sight to behold. They’re available in matte or gloss finish.

Solid surface tubs are made of a resin material. They’re a synthetically manufactured material. They consist of a blend of natural minerals and synthetic resins. Such a mixture can be molded seamlessly into virtually any shape and size.

That’s why the solid surface stand alone tubs have more fashionable designs. They consist of high-quality composite material with hard surfaces. 

These tubs have features such as the integral drain and overflow system integrated into their walls. This makes installation easier. Most importantly, it eliminates drain piping exposure. 

Most people like these tubs since they require very little maintenance. 

Key Takeaways

Homeowners are now looking to improve their bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. And bathtubs are an essential feature in making your bathroom more appealing.

A modern trend includes a bathroom with a freestanding tub. Indeed, these tubs add to the elegance and persona in your bath spaces.

So, you can choose today to make the freestanding tub a part of your bathroom’s renovation project. It offers a fantastic way to add a more personal style to your shower room. And without the need to remodel the entire bath place.

It’s not a surprise that some are now decluttering their bathrooms to have additional spaces to install valuable fixtures like the freestanding tub accessories.

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