3 Phenomenal Benefits of Being by Water

Even if you haven’t really given it much thought, you must have felt the indescribable joy of lying on the beach, merely looking at the sea in front of you, or observing the river flowing by, listening to it humming softly. We seem to gravitate towards water whenever we can, as it relaxes us and boosts our mood. Nevertheless, this isn’t all that water does for us. Being in proximity of water is much more rewarding to our body and mind than that. Here’s how.

Promotes physical activity

Being near any body of water is likely to inspire movement. The water has a stimulating effect, meaning that you won’t mind walking for a long time, as long as it’s along a river, lake, creek or the seashore, especially in Summer, since the air is cooler near the water and it may help you cool down a bit. You’ll also be more prone to jogging there, and perhaps even make an attempt at aqua jogging.  If the weather is nice enough, the water will appear inviting and you might get the urge to take a swim and snorkel for a while.

If you are near the ocean and the waves allow it, you could also give surfing a try. In addition, beaches have always been places where people play volleyball, throw frisbees or play with a ball with their friends or family. Any sort of physical activity, especially the outdoor kind, promotes good mental and physical health. It keeps you fit, enhances your energy levels and helps prevent or control hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and a list of other illnesses. Finally, water-based exercises are an ideal solution for people with arthritis, since it allows them to exercise without putting additional pressure to the joints affected by their condition.  

Makes you feel better

While physical activity is more enjoyable near water, it appears that you don’t have to engage in it in order to reap the benefits of water. You can do something as simple as stare at it and notice how your mind clears and you begin to feel calmer. This tranquility water gives us may have something to do with the fact that your senses are immersed in the alluring natural surroundings. You see the restful water, hear its humming or the rhythmical swaying of the waves, you can actually smell it and even touch it if you’re close enough. This is probably why so many people take so much pleasure from fishing.

In fact, spending time on the beach and on the sea is something highly common for the Australians, and they have a nature-based approach to improving the nation’s overall health. That’s one of the reasons they offer amazing fishing charters near Narooma, so that anybody can experience firsthand the spectacular wildlife of Montague Island Natural Reserve and the sea waters around it. The possibility of seeing whales, seals and dolphins in the immediate proximity of the boat is exciting enough to lift a person’s spirits even before they set off, which is why this type of activity is ideal for those seeking to unwind and compose themselves.

Helps battle urban stress

Living in a big city may have its perks, but it can also be immensely demanding and can cause enormous amounts of stress. It’s not easy to rush from one part of the city to another, getting stuck in constant traffic jams and having to endure the noise they create as well the frequent sirens of emergency services, always reminding us that somewhere something has gone wrong and that it might be us they come for next. All of this can take a serious toll on our mental and physical health. However, water can serve as a form of escape from all of this. Whether you have a river nearby, a swimming pool in your back yard or a fountain in the local park, take some time to sit next to them or walk along them, to soak in some of the serenity they emit. If not, something as elementary as taking a long shower may help as well.

Having to deal with deadlines and the constant staring at one screen or another, checking our devices for social-media updates all day long can exhaust us and burden our mind with unnecessary information, which we can’t truly control, but solely react to it. Water has the opposite effect, as spending some time near or in the water can reverse the negative impact of technology on our psyche. It can alleviate the stress and anxiety of the urban rush to some extent and help us deal with our everyday issues with more ease.

If you thought being close to water was just a pastime, now you know that it’s not a misuse of your precious time. So, next time you get the urge to get closer to a body of water, indulge yourself without regret and savor all of the advantage water provides you with.  

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