Why Training Kids To Be Techy Can Impact The Tech Industry

Many people don’t realize that the technology industry is dependent on the children of today. When they grow up, they’ll have skills and interests that will allow them to not just be good consumers but also help shape the future of tech. And much like what happened with jazz or comic books in generations past, these kids’ early passions might end up shaping our entire society.

For that reason, the technology industry needs to understand what today’s kids are doing with tech. How are they using it? Where are their interests? And what is the impact on them developing a passion for tech? Read on to find out.

Building a Future in Tech

With the whole world turning to the digital scene, it’s no secret that the job market will be filled with opportunities in tech. Now, more than ever, there is a demand for people with skills, on-the-job training, and experience.

The problem is that there is a lack of talent in this area. By the time the kids in public school finish their technology education, they’re usually burned out and ready to move on to something new. And this leads to a major problem: we don’t have enough skilled young people to keep up with industry growth!

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Filling the Gaps in the Industry

With a growing demand for tech-based jobs, there’s only one way to fill the gap: get young people interested in tech early. It’s not just about having a greater interest in this area but learning the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this industry.

But what exactly does that mean? How do we get young kids interested in tech?

It’s All About Connection

The thing that makes a child interested in certain things is usually their connection to the subject matter. If they find something relatable or interesting, they’re going to go after it, learn more about it, and have a greater appreciation for it. So how do we get children to have this interest or connection in tech?

There are many ways to get children to realize that technology is fun and a worthwhile career path. Whether you decide to teach kids how to code at home by buying them games that can develop coding skills or immersing them in the possibilities of technology, you need to make it feel as if this is a fun and exciting area.

Sometimes making it fun is the best way to learn, but don’t underestimate the power of teaching kids how technology can be used more seriously. For instance, by having them work on building robots or creating their tech projects when they code at home, they will be seeing the impact that technology can have on the world around them.

Bridging the Gender Gap

There is a distinct gap between children interested in technical fields and those interested in creative fields. According to recent statistics, 83% of children who are interested in tech are boys, while only 12% are girls. This is not just a problem for the industry but also for women everywhere!

By teaching girls and young women to be as excited about technology as boys are, we can reduce the gender gap in terms of tech entrepreneurs and leaders. Not only that, but we will have more professionals who help shape this industry.

When kids start out in school, they are taught that they need to be great at math and science. They are often confused by the changes their teachers make to fit the needs of students but continue to believe that they need to be great at math and science.

But what if we taught kids how to code? Not just introduce them to the basics of coding like HTML, CSS, and JS but teach them how it can apply not just in tech but also in their everyday lives.

Then, when they grow up and go to school, they will want to learn CS because they want to be great at something that is necessary in the workforce. It will keep them engaged beyond just teaching them how a computer works and will help encourage an interest in technology as a whole.

Preparing Kids for the Future

When it comes to young children, there is no better way to get them interested in tech than to expose them to the possibilities of using tech from a very young age. By letting children use technology early on, we are paving the way for future leaders and entrepreneurs.

And yes…this does mean being open about this too. If you don’t want your child using tech, you should instead keep a close eye on their exposure by limiting screen time instead of cutting it out entirely. After all, kids who aren’t well-versed in tech may have trouble finding opportunities in the future.

As a whole, the technology industry has to stop thinking about young people as the next generation of consumers. Instead, we have to teach them how tech can be used in their everyday lives so that they are interested in the field for more than just learning how a computer works.

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