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Why People Are Into Treasure Hunting Or Metal Detection Activities?

metal detection

Many people are now involved in many metal detection activities, which makes it popular nowadays. It is sometimes confusing, because, years ago, this is only done by professional miners or treasure hunters, who make it as a living. It is amazing to see kids, teenagers hanging out with metal detectors. 

What’s the fuzz about this thing?

What Attracts People To It?

They Were Simply Influence

There are many of us, who have friends and relatives, who are into these activities. Maybe, it’s for a hobby or as a professional treasure hunting or mining. There is a big possibility, that these people can influence others to be in the same business. 

Others Are Passionate About It

Others go for the activity because they are passionate about metals and want to learn more of it. For more info read this guide.

Some Are In For The Challenge

Others are into the same activities because of the many challenges that come with it. They love challenges, like going to the mountains or river banks, looking for thrills, and signs of treasures buried.

Children Just Want To Have Fun

Children are also into it, purely to have some fun. They are maybe encouraged by their parents, who are also into this activity.

Maybe For Educational Reasons

Others are into this for educational reasons. Maybe, they are on a research expedition or they just want to learn more about metals and how to detect it. 

Some Do It To Experience It Themselves

Many people are into it because they want to experience it themselves. They may have heard stories from friends or see it in movies and they become enthusiastic about it. It is good to experience it themselves.

Others Love Adventure

Others are into an adventure mood. What a good way to do it, but, to get yourself a chance of finding a precious stone or metal in the process. Nobody knows you will be able to locate some treasures left behind by the Japanese.

Others Go Out Of Curiosity

Some people are just being curious about the excitement that it brings. They want to be in their shoes and others begin to like it and begin to take it as a hobby.

At first, there may be no attraction between a person and the activity. 

People long ago are into it as a worker. 

It is embraced by many to earn money. 

Not until today, some people begin to like it for leisure. 

The Best Metal Detectors For Beginners

Metal detectors come in various models and styles. There are detectors for the children and there are also detectors for older or teenagers.  

Another set of detectors is made for the professional metal hunters or the treasure hunters. For the beginners, there is also a detector design for them. You can learn more with the help of this article as it feature some of the best metal detectors for beginners.

The Best Metal Detectors For Beginners In The Market

Fisher F22 Weather Resistant Metal Detector

This metal detector is one of the most popular among the beginner’s category. It comes with a very user-friendly dial that can be reset if you need to move to the next target. At 2.3 pounds, it is still considered light enough to be carried anywhere on the beach. It also has a category ID and digital panel for easy reading. It has a large LCD screen and many more advanced features.

Garret ACE 300 Metal Detector

Garret is known to produce high-quality metal detectors. This product is competing with Fisher 22 as a beginner’s choice. It has a coin depth indicator and adjustable notch discrimination features, to start with. It has a pinpointing mode that will allow you to get rid of un-valuable objects. It also has a target ID scale, dept indicator, and 5 search functions. 

Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector

A product of minelab, this is considered an entry-level product. The device comes with features that are only found in high-end brands. It has a Digital VFLEX technology and has greater control of the frequency through the change of coil. This device is made of high-end materials, which ensure quality and durability.

The Bounty Hunter Tk4 Tracker Iv Metal Detector

This metal detector is cost-efficient than the other. It’s also a budget-friendly metal detector that will surely suit most budgets. 

It’s a combination of toughness and rugged designs and has an 8” concentric coil that can be submerged in water. It comes in 3 modes, that is the tone discrimination, all-metal and full discrimination. Its user friendly and an auto ground balance capability.

Teknetics Eurotek Pro Metal Detector

It comes with an 8” concentric coil and a simple design screen. The device is light in weight and has an iron identifying capability. At 2.4 pounds, it has a dimension of 50 x 8 x 14 inches. It is fitted with a pinpoint mode and a waterproof coil.

These metal detectors are best for beginners to start with. As your metal hunting increase in frequency, you may have adapted to the fun and thrill of doing it.

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