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Why Hostnetindia is Best for Buying the Dedicated Server

dedicated server

If you are planning for buying an independent hosting platform that can offer you full control over the resources a dedicated server can be the right choice for you. Most business owners prefer dedicated servers for running their heavy applications or high-traffic websites. Moreover, Hostnetindia provides you with a wide variety of options for Dedicated servers at pocket-friendly prices. Our dedicated servers guarantee Unlimited Bandwidth, Full control over Resources, High Uptime, Full-time Support, and many more. 

 You must want to know about everything that comes with a dedicated server in this blog we will explain about the dedicated server. Let’s dig in:-

Dedicated Server 

A dedicated server is a type of hosting where a client leases or buys the entire server that is not shared by anyone else. This type of web hosting is suitable for every size of business. However, it is preferred by high-traffic websites or it is used for running critical applications. This type of server is wholly dedicated to a single owner who gets full control of the server resources.   

With a dedicated server, you can get the assurance of high availability of resources and high performance. 

We provide both the types of dedicated server managed as well as unmanaged you can choose according to your business requirements. Both of them have different features and pricing. 

Managed plans are generally opted by the users who do not have expert or technical knowledge on the other hand unmanaged plans are preferred by the users who are experts in the technological fields. 

Need for Dedicated Server

Here are some of the best reasons why you require a dedicated server for your business. 

Better Performance 

A dedicated server performs much better than another type of web hosting. This is because all the server resources whether bandwidth, CPU, Storage and so are dedicated to you and you only. A dedicated server loads the server applications at a faster rate than a cloud server. If you require a high-performance hosting solution a dedicated server is the best choice for you. Hostnetindia makes sure that all our dedicated servers are well equipped and are providing better performance to our clients. 


Flexibility is highly essential when we buy a dedicated server. Hostnetindia provides high flexibility to the clients. Where you can customize the hardware, RAM, Hard disk, CPU according to you. In case your business expands and requires more resources you can connect with our team and request for an up-gradation. 

Host Unlimited Website

With a dedicated server, you can run heavy applications and host various websites on your site. This is not possible if you are using shared hosting or a VPS. A dedicated server gives you the freedom to maintain and operate the various website.  


Data is the essential assets of the organization which should be highly prioritized. A data breach can cost you millions and may affect your reputation in the market that is not affordable at all by any size of business. A data breach can be one of the worst nightmares for an organization. But if you have a dedicated server you own full control of its resources there are lesser chances to face data breach threats. A hosting provider also plays a major role to maintain high security. Hostnetindia guarantees high security for their dedicated server our expert team personally monitors your server and we also provide protection against DDoS attacks. 


As you get the devoted assets that have a place with you, your workers can be more dependable and give you a raised degree of protection from malevolent exercises. Essentially, a Dedicated Server deals with your information and supports ideal execution even in hefty rush hour gridlock loads.

Full control over Resources

With a shared server, you need to share the assets. That is the reason you would not appreciate the advantages of devoted assets and autonomous space for facilitating. However, with a dedicated server, you get the total climate that guarantees the 100% committed assets. In this way, your site never goes through downtime, nor does it experience moderate execution.


Hostnetindia means “Exuberant Support for Data Services”. Hostnetindia vision is to create lifetime customer relationships by delivering World Class Managed Datacenter Services, and Dedicated enabled Solutions.

Hostnetindia reliable web host that offers flexible and trustworthy Linux and windows web hosting solutions with a comprehensive set of features.

We cater to all the requirements of website and business owners and deliver the best of our service to our clients. We offer affordable solutions from shared hosting to dedicated servers. 

Why Hostnetindia is best for buying the dedicated server

Hostnetindia is the fastest growing company for providing best-in-class web hosting services. All our services guarantee full-time support, pocket-friendly resources, flexibility, and accessibility. 

We have multiple options for your business needs as a beginner you can choose our cheapest yet pocket-friendly shared hosting plans. A VPS would be a great choice for a medium enterprise that wants resources like a dedicated server at an affordable rate. And a dedicated server is the best choice for high traffic website where you own all the resources which are not shared by anyone else. Hostnetindia provides 24*7 expert support services via mail, chat, Skype, call, etc. so if you face any problem relating to our service we will be there for you and your queries. 


Now, you may at long last choose to make a huge interest in a Dedicated Server. You should examine to think about plans, determinations, estimating to settle on a choice. With Hostnetindia, you’ll get the Cheap Dedicated Servers with all the endeavor grade and extraordinary resources that too an affordable price.

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