Which VPN protocol has the best compatibility with Firewalls?

Firewall, are the invisible walls, which are created between your computer or device, and some sites which it is trying to access. It is created by various authorities, for various reasons. For example, a school authority might create a Firewall which might stop you from accessing various sites which they feel are not good for you to stream while you are in the school. 

Similarly, in the workplace, Firewalls can be created by the office authorities. On a larger level, the governmental authorities may create large Firewalls, for stopping people from watching something on the internet, which they feel is inappropriate or against the country’s security policy. 

One of the many tasks that a VPN protocol is meant to do, is to surpass these Firewalls. In return, you can have access to some content which you are not allowed to watch or have access to, according to your authorities. You can use VPN kill switch android, so nobody can hacks your data and enter into your privacy.

Some of the VPN protocols, which are best known to surpass any kind of Firewalls are mentioned below. 

VPN Protocols that can surpass Firewalls-

1. Open VPN

  • It is a VPN protocol, which is widely used by many VPN service providers, as it is well-known to break through any kind of Firewall. It can work on any Operating system, such as Windows, Android, Mac, Linux etc.
  • It is an open-source and free to use VPN protocol, which can even by edited by the users in order to make improvements. It has been a great protocol, working for a long time now. 
  • The users have the option to select from UDP and TCP versions of Open VPN. IT has not developed any kind of vulnerability till date. 
  • It is compatible with all ciphers such as AES-256 and also has support for perfect forward secrecy. It is one of the most secure and private VPN protocol for those who focus more upon the privacy of their data. 
  • Although its code base is heavy, and its speed is not that high, it is one of the best option when we talk about surpassing the barriers put up by Firewalls. It also requires a large amount of bandwidth, and thus may not be a good option for VPNs which provide limited bandwidth to the user. 


  • Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol or SSTP is a very good option famous for its capabilities of bypassing Firewalls. It is a closed-source software. 
  • It is owned and operated by Microsoft, and thus is a very good option for Windows OS users. It is based on SSL/TLS encryption. Along with this, you can check different types of VPN encryption to secure your data.
  • Its privacy and security protocols are also very robust. It uses AES-256 bit key encryption. Although, there are rumours that it has alliance with NSA, and thus if you are hiding from NSA, this might not be the perfect option for you. 
  • It is known to bypass any kind of Censorship, even the Great Firewall of China! This makes it the best protocol for you if you want to bypass the Firewalls at any place, be it you school, office or even the government of your or a foreign country. 
  • It is also a fast and very effective VPN protocol, used by many VPN service providers around the world. 

3. WireGuard

  • It is a quite new VPN protocol in the market, which has be known to provide very high speed since its evolution. 
  • It is an open source software, with a very light code base, which make its performance better and security more robust. It also does not cause very high data consumption. 
  • It also supports perfect forward secrecy, and is very easy to use and configure. It gives smooth experience, even if you frequently change the network while accessing it. 
  • Its security has also not faced any problem ever since it has come into the market, and is a very good option for breaking Firewalls. It uses ChaCha2 cipher, which is presumed to be faster and better than AES.
  • Although, it is a new option and thus cannot be used on every device, and is still being tested by many VPN service providers. Also, it can only be used by UDP, making it a limited option. 

4. SoftEther

  • It is another VPN protocol, which is considered to be great at bypassing Firewalls. It is a recently released VPN protocol, and thus is compatible with only a few devices as of now. 
  • It is an open-source VPN protocol, and thus can be customised according to the user needs. 
  • It also provides very fast speeds to the user. It is compatible with AES-256 and many other ciphers. This means that it is a good option for providing good speed as well as security protocols. 
  • It uses TCP Port 433, which is not very easy to clock by any Firewall or censorship. Although, configuring SoftEther is not an easy task. 
  • For ensuring the safety of one’s data, it should be ensured that SoftEther is manually configured by them. Also, it is not natively supported by any OS till date. 

Thus, if you wish to surpass any Firewall in any pace, mentioned above are some of the best VPN protocols which are well-known to do so. On the basis of other features such as Price compatibility etc, you can see if your VPN has the prescribed protocol or not, so that you can easily break the invisible wall between you and the site you want to have access to. 

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