What’s the Best Firearm For Concealed Carry?

If you have been considering concealed carry, you could be a step away from saving your life and that of your loved ones in times of emergency. Concealed carry enables you to instantly respond to a crime since the law enforcement could take a while before they arrive at the crime scene. Concealed carries are mostly handguns that come in the form of handheld pistols and revolvers.

If you already own a concealed carry, a good holster is essential. You can buy high-quality Glock 19 holsters at affordable prices here. If you are considering purchasing one now, below we explore the best firearms for concealed carry that also guarantees your privacy.

Sig Sauer P365

Sig Sauer P365

The awards-winning handgun was introduced in the market in 2018 and has so far won multiple awards as one of the best in the firearm industry. The handgun has a modified double-stack magazine and its ergonomic design makes it easy to shoot compared to other pocket-size pistols.  Touted as one of the best-concealed handguns ever made, Sig Sauer comes as a slim and compact package that does not compromise on concealability. The P365 XL  comes with a Romeozero reflex option making it one of the best micro compacts in the market. America’s top-selling handgun won the 2019 NRA handgun of the year award.

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield M2.0

Shield M2.0 is Smith & Wesson’s second-generation model available on the three popular self-defense calibers. The subcompact model is semi-automatic, striker-fired, and polymer-framed. Its capacity depends on the chambering with the extended base plate magazine adding one extra round. Shield 2.0 has additional space and even though this makes it taller, it also makes it more comfortable to shoot.

The hand gun has special features such as a grip texture for enhanced control, crisp trigger,  audible and tactile trigger reset, and a sear deactivation system that allows disassembly without pulling the trigger.

Smith & Wesson Model 340PD

Smith & Wesson Model

This is one of the most popular and successful Smith &Wesson products. The 340P model is one of the world’s lightest revolvers weighing 11.8 ounces. It combines low weight with high strength based on the materials used to manufacture the revolver. These include a titanium alloy Cylinder, stainless steel barrel, and a scandium alloy frame. It also comes with a snag-free enclosed hammer and is rated for continuous +P use. Key features that render it a favorite include the enclosed hammer, reliability, the lightweight.

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Glock 19 Gen 4

The handgun was introduced in 1988  and has received several upgrades making it one of the best-concealed carries. Glock 19 has been reintroduced in every subsequent Glock generation, and this indicates the manufacturers would not like to drop it from the market.  Glock 19 is regarded as the gold standard when it comes to handguns, with most gun shops recommending it when shopping for a first handgun. Glock 19 has been touted as the one handgun that comes close to a general-purpose pistol. Its magazine holds 15 rounds, and with a reduced reloading frequency,  it comes highly recommended for self-defense. At 9mm, Glock 19 remains one of the top concealed carry guns and one of the best-selling handguns of all time. It’s also one of the most popular handguns since it’s highly reliable, widely available, and affordable.

Ruger LCP II

First released on the market in 2016, Ruger LCP is one of the smallest pistols suitable for pocket carry and deep concealment. Some of the safety features include a neutrally balanced sear with significant engagement, integrated trigger safety, strong spring tension, and a hammer catch. This prevents the hammer from contacting the firing pin.

It is the second generation of LCP pistol and has been built based on the success of the original pistol. The pistol’s size and lightweight make it come highly recommended as a  primary when wearing light clothes such as during summer and as a backup gun. With a full magazine, the handgun weighs 13oz.

Ruger LCR

Introduced in 2010, Ruger LCR is one of the best-concealed carry handguns and has been a favorite to many since its introduction. The light-weight compact revolver (LCR) weighs 13.5 oz and incorporates key features such as trigger housing and a polymer grip.  The cylinder and barrel are stainless steel, making it  50% lighter than SP101, a revolver manufactured by the same company.

Whichever concealed carrier you opt for, always remember your safety comes first. You do not want to have a revolver jamming in your hands during an emergency. Ensure you check the safety aspects before purchase.

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