What type of microphone is best for recording vocals – an ultimate guide

Recording the voice in the music studio is not that easy job how it seems to be. The people try their best to record the perfect voice. Generally, it is the duty of the recorder to select the most appropriate mic that can give a superb outcome, set up the right level of the headphones, and generate a favorable atmosphere of singing in the recording studio. Although there exists a wide variety of microphones in today’s market, the functionality of all is alike. Now the question arises “What type of microphone is best for recording vocals?” if you are looking out for the top-most microphone then it is necessary to consider the price factor. If you are into YouTube videos then are microphones for YouTubers too. Once you decide to get a microphone, the next important thing to consider is the various associated factors with different brands. These factors include your budget, the location of recording (it includes whether you are buying it to sing at your home or professional studios), pickup patterns, and additional accessories.

    Usually, you might find it troublesome to avail a most appropriate microphone at rates lower than that of $200. However, if you desire to get the amazing microphones at inexpensive rates then here is the brief detail of the quality yet low-priced mic.

What type of microphone is best for recording vocals? Choose the best out of available

Shure SM58 –
there is no doubt in saying that Shure SM58 is termed as one of the top-class sound recorders in the world especially because of its rugged casing and high-quality sound producing effects. If you examine the super singers of our country, you will observe that more than 85% of the singers utilize this microphone on-stage. The major reason for why this mic is mostly preferred by a large number of singers is its ergonomic capsule and efficiency.

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Rode NTK –
this mic is mainly designed to record and capture the vocals at studios. Rode NTK is especially known for its durability and long-lasting working capacity. It produces clear sound and makes it easy for the listeners to experience a wonderful voice. Buying the set of Rode NTK, you can also avail the benefits of the phantom power amp.

Audio Technica AT2035 – with the amazing XLR connectivity, Audio Technica AT2035 is one of the best microphones for YouTubers, professional singers, and much more. The mic also offers a crispy yet clear voice and manages the loud voice utilizing its wonderful sound pressure level system. This microphone can also be used for playing the guitars and other such musical instruments.

Neumann TLM-102 –
one of the best sound quality producing microphones is Neumann TLM-102. However, the only hurdle is that the price tag of the same is a bit high. But if you desire to invest in a quality microphone that assures you high durability and a clear sound, then you would not regret opting for Neumann TLM-102. Moreover, if you feel to polish your voice to some extent and make it sound mind-blowing then what is better than investing on this mic?

Blue microphones bluebird –
Bluebird is preferred by most of the singers as it provides a wide frequency range. Apart from the quality and a reasonable pricing, Blue microphones bluebird comes with various accessories like a pop filter, shock mount, and a carrying case. Thus, saving your time and money by buying them. Blue mics are condenser microphones. According to MusicCritic audio experts, “condenser mics are really good with sound quality. These mics are considered to be the best when it comes to sound quality.

MXL 770 – another mic possessing the features of the 10dB pad and a FET preamp structure is MXL 770. With cheap rates and amazing qualities, this mic can cater your entire requirements. Apart from the mentioned traits, MXL 770 has a switchable base making it easy and simple to use.

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