What Most Startups Get Wrong About Digital Marketing 

Are you ready to launch the startup you have invested so much on? Well, you should know how you can improve your results with an amazing boost in marketing?

So, we are here to guide you through the process of digital marketing to perfect your results. You can read about the most deadly sins you can commit when starting a business

We will be focused on the sins and mistakes startups make in their digital marketing efforts. You can read about myths about website updates, SEO is dead and mobile optimization. We will also talk about the importance of mobile optimization and email marketing.

The Myth about Website Update

Website update is one of the most underrated tactics you should avoid overlooking. The experts believe that you should update it regularly, and there are multiple reasons behind it:

  • Your customers would be looking to have a regular update on your website. This method can help your website perform better in SEO and overall conversions. 
  • The experts believe that this myth can cause your website traffic and sales to go down. So, ensure that you keep updating your website to keep flowing in the results you need. 
  • Your website update would also allow you to use the upgraded technologies on your site. So, this myth can really be a killer one to reduce your results and their frequency. At the same time, you can use the designs that work for the new technologies.
  • Updating your website can help you get more sales and improve your overall SEO results.

Further, you can not get great search engine results due to problems like mobile responsiveness issues. For instance, a fast-loading website is a ranking factor. So, make sure you forget the myth that upgrading and updating your website is unimportant. 

At the same time, you should ensure that you offer updated information by updating your website. What else? Well, you get new images in the content that entice your audience for the better. Your marketing funnel also gets help when you let people know what to do next.

And you can do that by using the content they need from you. You can also keep your readers involved when creating the content that matters for your business.

They Think SEO is Dead

It is a common phrase among digital marketers running businesses online. And we hear it so often that SEO is dead. But still, the experts say that more than 50 percent of experiences start with a search engine

At the same time, SEO is known for providing the highest returns on investment. Moreover, you can get consistent results that help you get a perfect revenue stream. The reason is that they do not follow the best practices in this marketing technique.

  • Marketers will keep believing in the myth of SEO being dead till they find out the best methods to follow.

Things they don’t follow and should for better results:

  • They need to create high-quality links instead of spamming users with low-quality ones. 
  • Marketers used to over-optimize their content which will not work anymore. 
  • They also need to ensure good results by creating the most quality content. So, they should avoid thin, little-value, and keyword-stuffed content. 
  • Ensure that you work for the users and not to impress the search engines. Search engines will only like your content and effort when their users are satisfied.
  • Using images and videos can be super beneficial, so never overlook that.

The basic points are clear! Try to offer the most in-depth content you can create with semantics. So, offer all the solutions to all the questions that may come into your readers’ minds. The content should be long-form with short paragraphs, images, and videos. 

Ensure that you keep it skimmable if a user would like to skim through it.

SEO works well only if you give the search engines what they value most. It is a great source of traffic, leads, and sales without continuous payments like paid ads need.

Mobile Optimisation is Not Important 

Mobile optimization is one of the most important parts of marketing that stays forever. So, we thought that we should bust this myth too. Make sure that you:

  • Keep your website responsive for all devices and screen sizes. So, people can access it well from any device, and it works for them well. 
  • You can try keeping your website more useful with dynamic websites through HTML and CSS. Also, ensure that you use different HTML sites for different devices.   
  • A fast-loading site is a must on all devices, so keep it in mind here too.
  • The bottom line is to have a perfect user experience, so try that out. 

Some tips you need to follow for the purpose are to use better mobile SEO. Try to use smaller buttons and autofill for fields. Your website images should be smaller, and you should enable auto-detect location settings. 

Try to get Instagram followers to support your SEO efforts. Social media metrics can help your audience to find you as an authority in your niche. Just ensure that you offer them perfect results with your content and brand on all socials. 

The Importance of Email Marketing

Startups also do not realize the benefits of Email marketing for their marketing and other results. This is another myth they need to bust and find about this marketing method. They can use email marketing for better reach and communication with customers. 

It is an amazing way to communicate with your customers and get leads. At the same time, you can get more customers and improve your brand awareness. It also helps you get better outreach and improves your results.

In fact, emails can also help you get likes on Instagram if you use them well. You just have to have the growth mindset you need for your marketing. 

So, try to use the following types of emails for these benefits:

  • Use welcome messages to follow up on a lead and for more brand awareness.
  • You can also try using anniversary or birthday messages for retention and loyalty.
  • Try to use your newsletters to tune your audiences with news announcements and much more.
  • Use limited-time offers to target your customer for sales. 

Final Thoughts 

We discussed the top myths most startups have. So, make sure that you avoid these myths of considering useful things lame. Ensure that you use email marketing, SEO, and mobile optimization. 

At the same time, you should not overlook the importance of content and updating your website. The less you think about these problems, the more results you can have as a marketer for you. 

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