History of Web3 video games

The emergence of Web3 video video games started out sooner or later of the primary large degrees of development of blockchain technology, specially Ethereum, in the early 2010s. One of the first gaming initiatives came to be CryptoKitties, which launched in 2017. This crypto “collectible” exercise allowed players to build up, breed and exchange virtual cats, each of which represented a totally unique asset at the Ethereum blockchain. 

CryptoKitties tested that in-recreation gadgets can also want to have actual fee and feature come to be a catalyst for the adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs in games.

As the blockchain evolved, the generation began to be utilized by increasingly video games, which paved the way for scaling Web3 gaming. Axie Infinity, Decentraland and Lost Relics emerged, each bringing innovation to the Web3 gaming universe.

How is Web3 gaming special from Web2 video games?

Web3 games are very one-of-a-type from their predecessors in numerous key strategies:

First, Web3 games introduce the concept of “actual ownership.” In the Web2 global, the sport developer truly owns all in-activity assets, and gamers have no physical rights to whatever they mine. Conversely, in Web3 gaming, in-recreation gadgets are represented as NFT tokens, ensuring that players are the sole proprietors of these digital properties. This lets in players to freely purchase, sell and exchange their gadgets every inside and outside the gaming surroundings.

Secondly, Web3 video games facilitate interoperability. In Web2 gaming, in-game factors are commonly platform-precise, making them unusable in different video games. Web3 gaming breaks down those barriers, permitting players to apply their assets in precise video video games and virtual worlds. This interoperability improves the overall gaming revel in, bringing users to a new degree of freedom and flexibility no longer feasible within the conventional gaming agency.

Finally, Web3 gaming brought the play-to-earn model, which grew to be fast supported through the gaming target audience. In traditional video games, developers usually make most of their sales from players through in-pastime purchases and advertising. In Web3 video video games, wealth is redistributed lightly, permitting game enthusiasts to monetize their gaming talents and time funding. Gamers can earn cryptocurrencies and unusual NFTs with the aid of taking components in the gaming environment, efficiently monetizing their love for gaming.

Types of Web3 video games

There are many genres and kinds of Web3 games with their very personal specific capabilities and gameplay. Below are the most common ones.

Play-to-Earn video games

One of the quickest developing markets inside the cryptocurrency industry is Play-to-Earn video games. According to DappRadar, from January to December 2022, each day activity of all crypto video games on PC, Android and iOS grew by the use of 35%, achieving 718,000 customers. Moreover, the marketplace capitalization grew by 191%, attaining $173.5 million every day through using the end of 2022.

Popular examples of Play-to-Earn video video games consist of Axie Infinity, where gamers can earn money with the aid of breeding, combating and shopping for and selling Axie creatures, and Gala Games’ TownStar, which rewards customers for metropolis building, useful resource manipulation and other obligations.

NFT collections

Games that target NFT collect popularity on collecting and buying and promoting uncommon tokens that represent particular virtual belongings. CryptoKitties became one of the first games in this class, permitting gamers to accumulate and breed digital cats with uncommon characteristics and capabilities. CryptoPunks, God’s Unchained and Illuvium are specific video games that have ended up well-known among NFT collectors.

Blockchain-based totally definitely digital worlds

Some Web3 video games constitute whole virtual worlds on the blockchain. In these worlds, players should purchase, expand, and monetize virtual lands and belongings. For example, Decentraland and The Sandbox permit clients to create and profit from their creations in a shared metaverse.

Blockchain-superior MMOs

In order to offer true ownership of in-sport assets and create precise participant-pushed economies, some vastly multiplayer on-line (MMO) games have integrated blockchain capabilities. For instance, Lost Relics combines traditional MMO gameplay with blockchain-based total asset ownership.

Card video video games on the blockchain

Games that combine traditional card endeavor mechanics with blockchain technology have started to gain high recognition. For example, Gods Unchained and Splinterlands use NFT playing cards that players should buy, alternate, and use in strategic battles.

Racing on the blockchain

Web3 has reached the area of racing. Formula 1 F1 Delta Time makes use of blockchain to create and change uncommon virtual cars, drivers and additives.

Blockchain-based completely sports activities video games

Some Web3 games focus on sports activities and collectibles, allowing players to personalize and promote digital sports activities gadgets. For example, NBA Top Shot allows users to buy and alternate officially licensed NBA collectibles as NFTs.

Blockchain Games for Art and Creativity

Some video games permit gamers to create and promote virtual paintings and collectibles as NFTs. For example, CryptoPunks and Art Blocks conceptually integrate art and blockchain technology.

Blockchain-based puzzles and journey video games

Puzzle and journey video video games (such as My Crypto Heroes and Chainmonsters) use blockchain to allow whole possession and buying and selling of gadgets.

This article offers only a few examples of Web3 video games, however the gaming environment maintains to adapt organically. 

Web3 game developers are exploring the ability of blockchain and decentralized ecosystems inside the gaming enterprise, which ends up in the emergence of new technological possibilities, and with them, unique sport capability.

The maximum promising Web3 gaming initiatives

At the moment, there is no shortage of revolutionary projects in Web3 gaming – every one of that’s fighting for the call of the destiny of the gaming corporation. 

How to earn?

Players earn Smooth Love Potion, or SLP, through logging in each day, taking components in-recreation adventures, and prevailing battles. SLP may be exchanged for fiat or cryptocurrency.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a Web3 gaming platform that permits developers to share and earn cash from their voxel belongings and gaming creations. This network-pushed, decentralized gaming environment offers gamers a “clean canvas” to unharness their creativity and create a laugh place for clients to engage with every distinct.

How to earn?

In Sandbox, game enthusiasts create particular devices that may be bought as components of the gaming platform.

As extra gamers put money into the sport, growing its cost, selling LAND at The Sandbox can without issue grow your wealth.

In addition, Sandbox gamers can rent out their land to third events, including builders.

Another choice to advantage is to earn SAND for enjoying tournaments or gambling platformers which might be in the mission’s environment.

Ember Sword

The International of Ember Sword is built on a dystopian moon. Landowners can participate inside the alpha test, with the internet site itself getting used as a market for promoting land. You have a desire: play without fee or use the play-pay-earn functionality.

Ethereum is wanted to track land ownership and receive NFTs. In-sport overseas money – Ember (ERC-20 token) may be sold immediately in the sport. The token needs to be used to buy real estate and collectible in-sport NFTs.


To take part in battles in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-powered sport CryptoBlades, you need to create and equip characters. At the moment, that is one of the most famous cryptocurrency gaming obligations, paying out greater than $three million to participants each day. CryptoBlades has a month-to-month transaction extent of $ninety nine.Sixty five million.

How to earn?

Rewards for victories in battles, the sale of characters and in-sport gadgets (NFTs) deliver money to gamers. To play you need Metamask pockets. The purchaser first purchases BNB after which they exchange them for the internal CryptoBlades token (SKILL). In the game you could purchase characters, guns and entire in-recreation tasks.

Depending on the player’s diploma, the prize for prevailing a conflict is set 0.05 SKILL (it could be greater or plenty less). Tokens may be withdrawn, used in the game, or exchanged for fiat price range. The withdrawal charge is 15%, but decreases thru 1% every day.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds boasts one of the quickest developing and largest person bases. There are presently over 2.7 million active gamers and around 745,000 new clients join up on their Metaverse each month.

Alien Worlds is the best gaming task that works simultaneously on three networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and WAX. As of September 2021, the sport has visible $5.Seventy four million in weekly big transactions.

How to earn?

Users can alternate several in-recreation NFT items and acquire TLM, the game’s local token. The user can also mine the TLM token in the event that they have a WAX wallet – that is completed without the active participation of the participant. Players do not want to worry about the way to withdraw coins from the platform, for the motive is that mined tokens without delay appear inside the person’s pockets.

The amount you initially invest determines how much money you may earn in Alien Worlds. A participant can earn from tens to numerous thousand greenbacks a month from mining on my own. The creators promise to function multiplayer battles, team quests and different functions, but the complete capability of the game remains unknown – it’s far constantly increasing.

TLM staking is a few other ways to earn cash in the game.

Difficulties of Web3 gaming

Web3 games face some disturbing conditions on their way to substantial adoption, similar to cryptocurrencies. It is apparent that the troubles of digital belongings and Web3 video games are interrelated, so we are able to recognize the most commonplace ones.


Web3 video video games frequently face scalability troubles as blockchains frequently have obstacles in coping with large numbers of transactions immediately. A big inflow of users can cause network congestion, slow transaction processing and high charges, which negatively influences the gaming enjoyment.

Developers are running on new solutions together with Layer 2, blockchain enhancements (together with Ethereum 2.0), sidechains, hybrid strategies, and bypass-chain integration to decorate scalability and offer a smoother gaming experience regardless of a developing participant base.

Difficulties of popularity

Adoption of Web3 video games through a significant target market calls for a sure degree of technological literacy. Players need to understand how crypto wallets, NFTs, and blockchain fundamentals paintings. For many users acquainted with Web2 video video games, the want to analyze a few factors seems burdensome. To pressure adoption of Web3 video games, developers and exclusive stakeholders need to be cognizant of a few key techniques.

First, it is critical to simplify the onboarding manner for brand spanking new game enthusiasts. Handy publications and tutorials can assist novices navigate the way of putting in place wallets, buying cryptocurrencies, and diving into the Web3 world.

Secondly, it is critical to tell capability gamers approximately the blessings of Web3 gaming. By highlighting benefits (at the side of sole possession of in-game belongings and the potential to earn rewards), you could debunk the myth of blockchain complexity and attraction to greater customers.

Ensuring cross-platform compatibility is some other barrier that calls for interest. Providing entry to Web3 games on a number of devices, which consist of smartphones and PCs, expands the capability participant base.

The advent and development of active player communities contributes to the active involvement of recent customers via word of mouth advertising and marketing. Collaboration with diverse Web3 initiatives, blockchains and influencers expands the obtain and authority of the Web3 recreation. To boost loyalty, builders need to often ask for comments and promptly enhance and supplement the gameplay.

Regulatory and marketplace uncertainty 

Authorities spherical the sector are seeking to formulate an approach to regulating blockchain and virtual belongings. The lack of a clean regulatory framework creates uncertainty for each developer and players, slowing down improvement and mass adoption.

In addition, the Web3 gaming area is becoming increasingly oversaturated, which can also have a negative impact on the development of latest projects. Projects with an already set up person base dominate the market, leaving no hazard for newcomers to advantage advertising and marketing. 

The Future of Web3 Gaming

The popularity of Web3 video games will keep developing as blockchain generation develops, scalability issues are addressed, and the variety of game enthusiasts who apprehend the advantages of this fashion will increase.

Here are only some of the adjustments we expect to look at in the coming years.

Blockchain Scaling Solutions

The energetic development of Layer 2 solutions and alternative blockchain systems can help with the scalability problem. Solutions aimed toward providing quicker and further value-effective transactions will offer a higher gaming level for users.

Convenient interfaces

The consumer experience of Web3 video games will be extensively enhanced due to the creation of extra handy and intuitive cryptocurrency wallets and interfaces for the common man or woman. 

Content Expansion

From traditional gaming genres to revolutionary metaverse tasks, the opportunities in the Web3 global are infinite. With an excessive chance, this gaming path will enlarge considerably.

Economic empowerment

The play-to-earn version has the ability to decorate the economic situation of gamers around the sector. More and greater gamers are identifying the opportunities for ordinary profits furnished through Web3 video games, which blur the road among paintings and leisure.


Web3 gaming is not clearly technological progress. This is a revolution within the gaming organization, enforcing sole possession of in-recreation belongings, modern functionality and a large range of opportunities for eternal income. 

Web3 players get the risk to earn real cash while doing what they love – a concept that breaks down traditional barriers, making gaming extra inclusive and installed.

Web3 video video games moreover gain their creators thru being able to encourage player engagement, which enables increasing sturdy groups and opens up new worldwide markets. Recurring income functionality and multiplied protection construct self belief amongst every game enthusiasts and customers.

There is not any doubt that the destiny of Web3 games is promising.

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