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What is the Difference Between a TV and a Monitor


A monitor is a computer hardware device that we use with other computers hardware devices, such as a keyboard for typing and a printer for printing. Similarly, a PC Gear monitor displays video and illustrations made by the PC’s video card. The monitor is no less than television.

Previously, monitors were made with the help of a cathode ray tube that captures video images. The main purpose behind designing the monitor was to provide accuracy and stability to the image. The monitor is made of a thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) with LED backlighting.

Main Features of Monitor


Monitor size is not too large. Because they are used from a certain distance, it can be very painful if the monitor is too large. However, in gaming, it is recommended to use larger-sized monitors as this affects the observer’s movement. The dimensions of a normal screen are 43 cm x 32 cm, while the widescreen is 46 cm x 26 cm. Best Reviews Box is a recommended review spot of the monitors.


Increasing the screen size reduces the screen resolution. Resolution can be thought of as the refinement of a particular image. Now 3840 × 2160 resolution displays are produced.

Aspect Ratio:

The aspect ratio of a normal monitor is 4: 3.

Power Saving:

This extends the service life of the monitor. This helps to turn off the monitor after a certain period of inactivity. It also prolongs battery life and reduces wear.


Television is used as an electronic device to watch video content. Broadcast signals are received by the TV and then converted into pictures and sound. Nowadays these televisions are made in large sizes and increasing the size of the TV also increases the cost. To make a television, the radio frequency toner and audio speaker are combined with the monitor, and then the resulting device becomes a television.

Radio frequency toner helps receive television signals through various methods such as cable TV, broadcasting, or satellite dish systems. Radio frequency contains both audio and video signals. To display, the audio signal is sent to the picture tube and the audio speakers.

The television also has a tuner or remote to change channels, increase or decrease the volume, etc., adjusted according to the television. Previously, televisions were larger because they were made of a cathode ray tube. Later, this cathode tube was replaced, and new LCD TVs were made. Now, the technology has been upgraded, and new LED TVs have been developed. Best Pick TV is the most recommended Review Site of the smart TVs.

Main Features of TV


Televisions are available in all sizes, but consumers are attracted to larger sized TVs because larger sized TVs have better visibility and cover larger areas and wider angles.


Television resolution is low due to its size. 4K and 8K TVs will have good resolution, but less than 4K and 8K monitors.

Aspect Ratio:

Traditionally, televisions are made in a square, so the aspect ratio was 4: 3. Since HD TV has become standard, TVs are now made in a rectangular shape, so the aspect ratio is now 16: 9.

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