What is a High Storage Dedicated Server and Its Benefits?

A few years back, there was a very little percentage of people who considered their online presence to be a very important part of promoting their business, and very few even promoted their brands online. But as time passed by and the need of being active on digital media has become very important for every business and company because of many reasons not to mention. And maintaining the digital presence of any company is only a one or two day work but it is more than that and it also requires a lot of care and attention as well. And this is the time when a dedicated server comes in this picture. 

Here in this article, we will share with you all the information you need to know everything about storage dedicated servers and how it works.

What is Storage Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are known for its high quality features in the storage speed and processing power that is connected to high-speed internet connections and provided to businesses and companies who are looking for internet hosting plans in data centers. Storage Dedicated server is a feature which can be used for multiple amounts of things including website hosting and database applications. 

Dedicated servers consist of numerous benefits that can make any company and website achieve the growth and profit which they expect through digital presence. Dedicated server is a very popular form of hosting that offers the users various advantages and gives them a whole unique server and resources that will help you in maintaining your website. You get tech support and various other features that will make your company’s online presence upto the mark.     

The word “dedicated” here refers to the exclusive server which is given to each customer so that the user can take advantage of the whole server for their personal use.   

Benefits of using a High Storage Dedicated Server


There are various web hosting providers who offer dedicated server plans to companies and businesses which people opt as it offers various benefits to the customers. If you are confused between which hosting plan you choose for your company – shared, dedicated or VPS hosting then from below mentioned benefits of a dedicated server will make you take a firm decision. Here we will share with you the benefits of having a high storage dedicated server:

1. Reliability and Performance

As compared to shared hosting, a dedicated server hosting means that a company gets its own private server and its resources for their use which is not shared with any other company. In ordinary words, with a dedicated server you don’t have to share your server’s resources like RAM, storage and software with other users which might result in low speed and limit your processing strength. It will make you get the best of the resources and the performance and reliability will not be affected by others.

2. Security 

One of the major benefits of having a dedicated hosting large storage is the fast and security that you get. As we know that in a dedicated server no resources are shared with companies and other users which means that your company’s confidential information and data will be in your hands in addition with the server. You get the full control of the provided server’s operating system and the applications as well. With a DS, you don’t have to worry about anyone else and their bad codes or application.

3. Static IP Address 

When you opt a dedicated server for your company, you get a static IP Address for your server. Having a static IP Address means that you don’t have to worry about your records updating when your lease expires or whenever your IP Addresses are rotated. You also get worry free about other people’s activity on the network as you yourself manage and control your static IP Address.   

4. Flexibility and Customization 

If you are having a growing business then a dedicated server stands on all factors you need for growing your business and its needs. As compared to other hosting plans, a dedicated server gives you flexibility over your server of  controlling and managing operating systems and other applications. A dedicated server gives you perks of managing all the resources without any restrictions and can be changed or upgraded when required. 

Knowing the best requirements for your business needs is a very complicated thing and before coming to any conclusion make sure that you get all the above mentioned benefits in your hosting plan.   

Speed and reliability servers

Serverwala’s Large Storage Dedicated Servers

ServerWala is one of the leading web hosting providers who offers a wide range of dedicated server plans to customers with the best quality resources and services for their business growth. They offer servers with high disk space that are needed for storing large amounts and volume of data and performing various backups. ServerWala offers a wide range of large storage dedicated servers at affordable prices and high storage ratio and quality performance and reliable disks. 

The storage range offered by ServerWala offers high storage capacities for high-scale businesses and companies and high speed. They are expert in providing the best dedicated packages which are a bit costly but also value for money as well.

Recommended Servers:

  1. FS-48T
  2. FS-MAX
  3. FS-72T


Every business needs a digital presence as it is one of the best ways of giving any business the desired growth and fame. Opting a dedicated server helps in maintaining a website and for its effective performance as well. Choose your ideal high storage Dedicated server hosting plan by the best hosting provider ServerWala and give your business a new growth and name in the digital world.

You can also visit the website of the office for counseling over your business or website needs by the best and expert IT professionals by ServerWala so that you get the ideal plan that suits your company the most. 

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