What are web applications and how can they help businesses increase customers and sales?

In recent years, new technologies have completely changed the market and more and more users prefer to buy online than in a physical store. The digitalization of businesses no longer just means having a website or social networks. According to IAB Spain, already in 2023, 53% of US consumers made their purchases and payments through mobile devices.

This figure increased in 2023, when it rose to 59% of the population, according to a study by the same company. As online shopping has grown, consumer demands in the purchasing process have also increased. Have an online store with a -most purchases are made through this channel- or with personalised offers it can make the difference when it comes to winning or losing a potential client.intuitive design, adapted to the mobile phone

The website, usually static and not very interactive, can be used for some businesses that only seek to publicise their brand and their services, such as lawyers, advisors or psychologists. However, for an online store, not having a ‘shopping cart’ that saves the products that the user has marked, having a design that does not adapt to the mobile screen or not having the stock well updated can cause the majority of customers not to finish their purchase process. Purchase.

According to experts, technology now allows businesses to have their own application to provide more interaction and personalise their page, without the need to invest large amounts of money since the data or files are processed and stored within the website, but offer the user the same functionalities.  do not require a download, programs that, unlike apps,An example of this are web applications.

Most large companies like Amazon have this type of applications that personalise products and adapt them to the purchase intention of each user, launch personalised and automatic offers, and constantly update the price and stock based on demand. It also offers maintenance services, advice, computer consulting and repair and sale of computer equipment. Below, experts from this web app development company explain how I-Tailored works and how freelancers and small businesses can increase their sales through a web application.

Contact us for our web application development services and we will assist you in creating a customised web application that fulfils all your requirements.

What can a company specialised in e-commerce offer to self-employed people and small businesses?

What is I-Tailored?

I-Tailored was born from the concerns of a group of professionals, who want to provide programming and computer technical service to those companies that need to have customised software that allows them to be more effective when producing, selling and distributing. their products or services, or to those companies that need to carry out maintenance on their technical facilities.

We are an experienced company that focuses on adaptability and innovation. We offer tailored services to freelancers, SMEs and companies, with a wide range of programming options such as custom software development, web design, creation of corporate websites, online stores, graphic design, web maintenance. We also offer technical services such as equipment maintenance, computer repair, installation of operating systems and programs, virus disinfection, network configuration, physical cleaning of computers and sale of computer equipment.

What exactly are web applications?

In short, they are those applications that allow us interaction through the Internet and a browser. This allows availability of 364 days/year, 24 hours/day of application activity and without the need for the user to install it. 

At I-Tailored we focus on the development, implementation and maintenance of these web applications to serve freelancers, SMEs and companies in any sector, adapting the corporate design of the development to the client’s needs.

How does having web applications benefit a business?

Using a tool of this type allows users to connect to the application 365 days/year and 24 hours/day, interaction from any device with internet access and a browser; mobile, tablet, computer/laptop.  

The advantage of having a web application development services is that all the data is stored on a web server, so that the user can access it from anywhere by connecting to the Internet from a browser, without having to perform any prior installation and being able to access all the Data stored immediately and securely.

What can those companies that do not have web applications do?

Try to find unique projects for your needs, one hundred percent tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, with specific developments to solve technical, functional and corporate image needs.

It is necessary that the company chosen has developers and designers who allow the creation and design of custom web applications. We work side by side with the client.

What are the chances that a business without a web application would have of reaching potential customers?

Limiting yourself to a specific schedule in a limited proximity environment is currently putting limits on the business that can be easily overcome by having web tools that make the entire world our potential sales market.

We offer customised solutions and will advise on all aspects related to the development of a web project, whether it is a corporate page, an e-commerce or a web application as a work tool for daily processes.

What is the future of electronic commerce?

It is not the future, it is the present; We are in a new era where business virtualization is already beginning to be a reality for all those who want to position themselves as a reference when selling any product.

The creation and design of a powerful ecommerce platform can become one of the most attractive business drivers for both freelancers and SMEs and companies. Offering users a fast, intuitive website and, ultimately, a good experience, is key to sales.

How do you see the adaptation of businesses to ecommerce in Spain compared to other countries?

It is necessary to take much more decisive steps in this regard so that companies are not left behind in this global market that already exists and has very great growth.

According to the 2023 annual ecommerce study by IAB Spain, of the total Spanish internet population aged 16 to 70, 76% already use the internet as a shopping channel, more than 25 million people in Spain are online buyers.

Investing in creating an online store is a sales opportunity for all companies. At I-tailored we make specific budgets for the needs of each business and adapt to each sector, with an attractive design for sale, agile, simple and recurring.

Get in touch with us.Our web application development services are designed to help you build a web application that meets your needs.

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