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What are the BGA assembly and PCBWay’s cutting edge technology?

BGA assembly

To meet the market requirements in advanced technology, there is a need for a small-sized microcircuit. This can be gained by increased packaging density. This has urged the tremendous demand for high-density, low-cost packaging methods, and BGA stands amongst them. In this article, we will broadly understand what is BGA assembly and PCBWay’s cutting edge technology is.


To start with, lets me know what BGA is in detail. BGA is also known as the Ball Grid Array. It provides high performance and is available in small size with lightweight packaging. The chip carrier within it helps in integrating the circuit while forming like a surface-mount packaging.

They are mounted in the device by using several pins to engrave it permanently. A BGA board helps in accomodating more interconnection pins for IC’s comparatively than a flat package. They use the whole lower surface of the device instead of just using the perimeter.

BGA Assembly

BGA assembly is the process of assembling the IC into a BGA board. It is somewhat the same as making of SMD assembly with its package, but the only difference is, BGA is required to be controlled precisely through the automated process.

A customized BGA assembly could be tricky as the microcircuits present in it are not easy to work with. But for getting the best customized BGA, you must try PCBWays. They are known for their best electrical jobs in this industry and come with advanced technologies and unique equipment to meet all your needs.

Usage of solder paste in BGA Assembly

BGA becomes reliable without the use of solder paste. The non-use of solder balls allows a proper flux process with honest site prep. But while dealing with planarity issues, solder paste turns out to be beneficial. Let’s see some of its advantages.

BGA circuit boards are designed to use small circular balls of solder, which allows the movement of electricity between the circuit’s arts. It proves to be a higher density circuit that is compactly placed between each other. It is impossible to solder them without the use of short courses. It also solves overheating by allowing the heat to pass from a longer distance of microcircuit. The solder balls are just millimeters large when present in the BGA circuit, resolving lower inductance problems within the circuit. It also helps increase the thermal and electrical performance with the help of small PCB supports BGA packaging. This helps dissipate the heat often with the use of a silicon wafer mount placed on the top. It transmits most of the warmth towards the downward ball grid. The rock placed at the bottom is connected to the silicon wafer’s rear in its highest packaging. Altogether they turn out to be the simplest cooling methods. The packaging consists of zero pins, which means there is no chance of bending or breakage while balancing the stability so that the electrical performance remains ensured. The solid solder balls also protect against any damage during the process of operation.

Why choose  PCBWay?

PCBWay is amongst the top PCB manufacturing and BGA assembling companies. It owns four automated placement system which can quickly inspect the solder balls coverage. They also comprise 1 automated 3D laser system that helps examine the ball’s height and placement for  CBGA, PBGA, and MBGA. The BGA’s are verified by using a real-time x-ray system. The PCBWay comes in the most minimal size of 0.3mm, and the pathway till the circuit line is just 0.2mm. It can also be customized with higher dimensions if the demand requires so.


There are also three more BGA types, which are CBGA made with multi-layer ceramic and eutectic solder. The chip, lead, and the packaging of solder guards pad. The other one is TBGA, which is formed with the structure of the cavity. The last is PGBA, which is also known as plastic ball grid array is laminated by resin or glass, which helps in the employment of substrate and the plastic present in the packaging material. The solder balls come into the category of lead-free solders. It doesn’t require any other method for the attachment along with the packaging body.


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