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What are Dual-Band Mobile Ham Radios?

Dual-Band Mobile Ham Radios

Communication devices and platforms have emerged into nothing short of a marvel in this new age of technology. And Dual Band Mobile Ham Radios fall in the radio and communications arena. 

While it can be perceived that radio communication is old-school and antiquated, the technology that goes into creating modern radios such as dual-band mobile ham radios is astounding.

If you are a novice this radio device may appear rather complex. To simplify the concept, the dual-band mobile ham radio can be broken down into two parts: Dual Band and Mobile Ham radios.

Dual-Band and its relationship with radios 

A dual-band radio is a communication system that is intended to facilitate activity on two distinguishable frequency bands. These two separate frequency bands do many things. They can be operated using one of the many types of transmission and reception arrangements.

Things to note about the dual-band radio are:

  • It allows for communication using frequency bands on an electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. These frequency bands are Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) and Very-High Frequency (VHF) 
  • A dual-band radio is an essential component of amateur radio operations. They allow for long-range communications among individuals, including engineers, scientists and emergency communications and also inexperienced radio enthusiasts. 

What is Mobile Ham Radio?

Mobile ham radio is synonymous with amateur radio. The ham radio or amateur radio has quite a few capabilities for which it can be used for. These include:

  • Exploring wireless communication
  • Communication during a crisis
  • A socialization mechanism

Ham radios come in different sizes and classifications. Few of which are fixed unit ham radios, handheld ham radios and the one being highlighted, the mobile ham radio. Each is unique, has different functions and is dependent on what the consumer wants. The specialties of the mobile ham radio lie within the fact that it has a detailed, compact design that is used in motor vehicles. This particular ham radio is notorious among professional drivers and persons who spend a lot of time traveling by motor vehicle.

How Does Dual Band Mobile Radios Work?

The features of dual-band radios and mobile ham radios come together to function in unison, creating dual-band mobile ham radios. Essentially this radio is one that operates on two separate frequencies concurrently, making it distinguishable from a field of other ham radios. Communication is done using the two frequencies measured in megahertz.

The Ultra-high frequency varies from 144 MHZ to 148 MHZ and Very-high frequency varies from 420-450 MHZ. This dual-band feature allows for this specific type of radio to operate at long ranges. The transmission and reception nature of the device allows for it to transmit messages on the same band,.One band receives on the other, and two separate frequencies within the same band.

Benefits of the Dual Band Mobile Ham Radio

Dual-band mobile ham radios have compact designs. The average dual-band mobile ham radio weighs approximately 3lbs. However, there are even smaller ones weighing a little over two lbs and bulkier ones that weigh a little over 4lbs. Therefore, it can perfectly fit into the vehicle. 

This single device is compatible with all vehicles regardless of the model or make. Drivers tend to love this, especially since they are so multifunctional and can be used to communicate with other drivers, especially in the case of an emergency. Software developers have made this device even more sophisticated and high tech. Nowadays, the devices come with features such as:

  • long and short-range walkie talkie, 
  • range detectors, 
  • a built-in global positioning system (GPS) and navigation systems, 
  • weather radios. 

There is a wide range of dual-band mobile ham radios that are on the market with many features, some of which being:

  • They have LCD screens that can be used to see in the dark
  • Contains memory to save channels
  • Can scan for other radio signals
  • Squelching (drown out background noises)

In Essence

Radio has proven that it is not an outdated form of communication. If there is no internet connection and or other modern communication fails, this a reliable back up in any situation. This device can offer enjoyment and pique your interest as the operator can explore the two frequencies, socialize and play around with the different features. 

After exhausting what the dual-band ham mobile radio, how it works and its benefits is, it is inevitable that you will think of dual-band mobile ham radios as being nothing short of impressive.

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