Wealth, Habits, and a Healthy Lifestyle: A Short How-To Guide

More and more people are joining the woke movement. A big part of that movement is a consciousness of every decision you make, whether that means being more conservative in spending or leading a life geared towards health and wellness.

Whatever your reasons are, a healthy lifestyle is a fundamental part of mindful living. A good number of people have settled on personal installment loans to achieve healthy life goals. But is there even a better approach to attain a healthy lifestyle cost-effectively?

Why did we mention loans? Have you ever assessed the financial implications of your current habits? Of course, it goes without saying that anything that affects your health will impact your finances eventually. To make those numbers more meaningful: two-thirds of Americans who file for bankruptcy have healthcare costs to blame.

If that’s the case, then we should focus on embracing better lifestyle practices. Then, not only will you lead a happier life but also save some pennies to spare if that statistic is correct.

So, what are healthy lifestyle habits we should consider?

An Active Life is a Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle is worse than smoking? Did you know more than a quarter of Americans live a sedentary lifestyle raising their risk of death by 71%?

That’s sad, but more importantly, that is one expensive habit you can do away with.

What are healthy lifestyle practices that we can embrace to address this issue?

Easy. Start by walking. Experts suggest walking has more benefits than gymming or running. If you don’t fancy lifting weights or a gym membership sounds like an added cost, you have something far better that’s free of charge. What’s more, walking as a healthy lifestyle helps you save on transport costs and parking fees.

Healthy life

If you hope to take it to the next level, you can check out full-body workouts at home using your body weight. Alternatively, think of fetching a bike. That’s a one-off expense that will pay off in the long run in the form of huge savings.

Be Cautious About Food

Do you fancy eating out or ordering the famous Chicken McNuggets and the Big Mac from McDonald’s? Are ice cream, Netflix, and chill your preferred overnight sensational combination?

Well, we need a few lifestyle changes if our health and savings plan is to work out.

First of all, learn how to cook at home and enjoy the practice. It’s way cheaper than eating from a hotel or ordering from McDonald’s. The latter should only be occasional treats.

Eating healthy is also about timing. You don’t need three or five meals to be healthier. If anything, less food might just do you more justice.

Food you eat

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

You can’t live without a morning cup of Frappuccino from Starbucks?

Perhaps you should start making more coffee with unique recipes at home. Getting rid of that addiction helps even more.

Or is smoking a habit that’s stuck on you? Assuming you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, your annual costs for smoking may end up being way more than what it would cost you to take life insurance if you didn’t smoke.

That’s a sufficient reason to get you accountable for your choices.

The point is, you have the power to stop addictive and destructive habits. It could be a daily fizzy drink, gambling, or an addictive gaming habit. These all take a toll on your health and mental state. That leads us to the next point.

Understand the Mind-Body Connection

A wrong approach to medicine would be to try and treat individual parts separately. The mind connects to the brain, which is a part of your body. The connection is so strong that scientists today are developing a different approach to medicine – one that factors in the unknown, the soul.

How can a healthy lifestyle reduce stress? To put things into perspective, stress is a leading cause of multiple diseases, including heart problems. This is why a healthy lifestyle can reduce health and lead to longevity.

That said, you need to create a space where your mind reconnects with your body. This involves minimizing or getting rid (even if temporarily) of everyday nuances and distractions such as social media, phones and screens, TVs, and the likes. Go back to nature and feed your body with real foods from nature. Drink lots of water – that’s a boost for your brain.

Moreover, you need to feed your brain with the right foods – positive information that builds. Empower yourself by visiting the library and save on costs you wouldn’t have to pay for.

Sing, dance, laugh hard, connect with people, love harder, and live life to the extreme. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you’ll get rid of what makes life meaningful.


Now that we’ve answered how a healthy lifestyle can affect your body, mind, and ultimately your finances, you’re better equipped to live a better life. It all starts with deciding to be active and implementing strategies to get you there. There is no one-shoe-fits-all strategy, but each health plan should focus on feeding the inner and outer person accordingly. That’s how you’ll achieve a healthy lifestyle and get rid of unnecessary spending.

How can a healthy lifestyle make you happy? Do let us know, and we might compile your thoughts in the next piece.

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Daniel Miller is an inexperienced specialist in the business and financial area. Daniel has also worked as a financial advisor at a bank and provided consulting and advice about budgets, savings, insurance, stocks, retirement funds, tax advice, etc. He is currently doing specific research on the topic. 

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