Ways To Sell Your House in Scranton Without a Real Estate Agent

Selling a property in Scranton can be a nerve-wracking experience, particularly if one lacks knowledge of the process to handle it themselves. However, there are various tactics available that can simplify the process of selling a house without a realtor while saving a small fortune in commissions. In this article, we will briefly provide some useful tips on preparing a home for sale by yourself and share some suggestions that can make the entire process seem less challenging.

Study “Comps,” aka Comparable House Sales Nearby

To sell your home without a real estate agent, it’s important to research other similar homes nearby in the greater Scranton area or wherever you happen to live. Check websites like Zillow for recently sold homes to gain insight into their listing and selling prices, as well as their time on the market. 

However, keep in mind that some comparisons or “comps” as they are commonly referred to may not apply directly to your home due to differences in floor plan, lot size, or number of bedrooms/bathrooms. When you feel you’ve gathered enough quality data, be sure to include accurate information such as the property’s location and a realistic price range to discourage uninterested buyers, or, as we commonly like to refer to them as “tire-kickers.”

It is highly recommended to focus on properties that were recently sold within the last six months or less instead of something that sold even a year ago. The market is constantly changing. By focusing on recently sold properties, you can get a better understanding of potential discrepancies to make a better informed decision. It’s crucial to learn about comparable homes in the area, making it helpful to know what other homes are currently selling for to provide accurate pricing information.

Importance of Competitive Pricing and Communication

It is recommended that you conduct research on homes similar to yours in your local area. This will provide you with valuable information on the value of your home and can assist you in determining a fair sales price. By comparing your home to others in the area, you can gain insights into the features and amenities that may affect the price of your property.

When engaging in real estate transactions, it is important to recognize that money usually takes center stage. Once you have conducted research try to set a “bottom line price” in your mind no matter what. This will safeguard you against the whims of accepting a quick and unexpected low ball offer. The least stressful way to sell your house is to locate Scranton cash home buyers. You won’t need to worry over bank loans or qualifications. Cash homebuyers are known for usually making solid offers and don’t play games. 

Individuals should not be apprehensive about negotiating various aspects of the deal, such as closing costs or repairs. It is possible that the buying party may be willing to pay more due to a variety of reasons. For example, the buyers might pay more because they really want to close quickly for a variety of reasons.

We’ve seen buyers make a better offer with increased urgency to close the deal prior to the start of the next school year. While everyone has their reasons for wanting to buy and sell, simple communication goes a long way.

Perform Marketing Strategies for Your Home

Many homeowners in Scranton opt to create their own marketing plans when selling their homes, rather than hiring a real estate agent and paying exorbitant fees and commissions. To prepare for selling, it’s recommended to focus on home staging and landscaping before marketing, making your property an attractive opportunity to potential buyers. You don’t need to break the bank, but simple things like rearranging rooms, uncluttering areas, or throwing fresh coats of paint over old walls go a long way towards making the house appear more desirable.

Homeowners might even wish to go above and beyond by adding attractive flower beds and vegetable gardens to their lawn and painting interiors. Additionally, keeping the interior clean and ready at all times will make your home a more appealing choice for potential buyers. By following these steps, homeowners can sell their homes without assistance and attract a larger pool of potential buyers.

Searching online can also help you find potential buyers. For example, you can post an ad on Facebook Marketplace for free. Other places to advertise include the FSBO website. Search Google for FSBO, commonly known as “For Sale By Owner,” or use other sources like Craigslist. Also, it’s highly recommended you purchase a “For Sale” sign and put it out for display in the front of the house to attract as many eyes as possible.

Understand Effective Marketing Can Sell Your Home

Many homeowners in the greater Scranton area have decided against hiring a real estate agent to sell their house due to various reasons. Instead, they have taken on the task of creating their own marketing plans for selling their homes. 

However, in order to make their properties stand out in the market, homeowners should consider preparing their homes by implementing simple home staging or landscaping techniques before showcasing their homes. By doing so, the property becomes an attractive investment and garners the interest of potential buyers. 

Homeowners may opt to design elements such as flower beds and vegetable gardens on their front lawn, and paint different sections of their interiors accordingly, in order to increase the appeal of their homes and increase the likelihood of receiving offers quickly. Maintaining the cleanliness of the interior of the home is also incredibly important when selling a home. Prospective buyers tend to compare homes side by side, and a clean and well-maintained home is more likely to stand out in the market. Homeowners looking to sell should ensure that their homes are always clean and presentable.

By utilizing word-of-mouth marketing and referrals, you will have the potential to connect with more potential home buyers. It’s essential to use updated photos and possibly even video to keep things fresh and appealing, especially since many buyers search for homes online. 


Multiple options exist for selling your Scranton residence. You may choose to undertake the process independently or enlist the services of a real estate agent. For the DIYers (aka, do-it-yourself) individuals that want to save on fees and don’t mind doing some research selling a residence makes sense. Most people will still choose to use a real estate agent since it’s convenient and all the research and paperwork is done for them.

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