Ways To Keep Your Parking Lot Clean This Summer

Keeping your parking lot tidy is part of being a business owner. A welcoming and clean parking lot can bring in revenue and foot traffic. These are fantastic ways to keep your parking lot clean this summer to keep traffic flowing.

Fill All Potholes

Potholes occur in asphalt when the parking lot expands and contracts due to freezing water in the winter. If you don’t deal with the potholes, they will continue to spread and wreak havoc on your lot. The moment you notice a hole beginning, contact a professional to come out and take care of the issue.

Drain Any Water

Are you noticing areas of standing water in your parking lot? Puddles and pools of water will cause further damage and increase the size of potholes. If you want an extended lifespan for your parking lot, you should install proper drainage to prevent the lot from soaking up the water.

Limit Access to Heavy Vehicles

Allowing heavy vehicles to access your parking lot will cause damage to the lot. This access is a surefire way for your lot to break down slowly. If they must park in your parking lot, ensure it’s for a short amount of time.

Different cars weigh various weights. The heavier vehicles can ruin their spaces, affecting your lot’s overall integrity. Employees tend to park in the same spaces; kindly ask them to rotate parking slots.

Clean the Parking Lot Frequently

You may wonder how often you should clean your lot, and the answer is frequently. Regular cleaning will keep any rodents, trash, debris, leaves, and more from crowding and destroying your parking lot. Garbage scattered around your lot makes it look abandoned and can cause visitors, clients, and customers to turn away. Hire a professional cleaning company to remove unwanted elements from your lot at least once a week.

Vehicles can leak oil and other elements onto your lot, leaving stains and ruining your parking lot. Regular cleaning will help remove these components, keeping your parking lot shiny.

Following these ways to keep your parking lot clean this summer will ensure a friendly and welcoming environment.

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